Tokenomic Use Case: The Endless Use Case

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Tokenomics are an interesting and emerging field. As we see the advent of cryptocurrencies in various existing financial markets and new ones yet to arise, we'll see tokenomics play a bigger part in the conversation globally.

Thorchain and the RUNE token are something that frequently get talked about on LeoFinance. This is one of the more interesting projects to me, especially as a trader.

I as a DeFi trader like to see many of these qualities. One of the best qualities that Thorchain possesses, which is not unlike LeoFinance is the community.

RUNE has a set of core use cases. It also has edge cases and top funnel use cases that aren't necessarily designed intentionally, but get determined by the people who use the product.

So if you wonder why there is value in projects like RUNE, it is for a number of reasons, but one reason in particular:

Deterministic Community

The community determines the value of the project. The project develops new use cases but the community interacts with the product and finds ways to teach others about it.

This is the strength of LeoFinance and it is the same strength that RUNE and thorchain possess.

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