The Expensive Price of Credibility

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About Greed
and Plagiarism on Hive.

What did you need first to become a successful content creator on HIVE? Great content, or credibility? The two things should go hand in hand. Can not be separated between the two things.

It is useless if a user has good content if it fails to establish the credibility of the account. On the other hand, good credibility is wasted without great content.

Greed and Desire for Plagiarism

I have noticed in many cases in HIVE, that plagiarism or other abusive activities in HIVE start with greed. One user feels that he/she has received support from regular voters and with great value.

From the greed of these users, they start thinking about how to produce a lot of content. So these greedy users start committing community violations at HIVE, such as plagiarism, or reposting old content.

Plagiarism in this case also includes translating articles from native non-English to English.

They may think that no one will find out if they create plagiarism content and/or repost old posts. But the fact is that there will always be someone who comments on the abuser's behavior.

It's a pity that just because of that greed, the user loses the price of credibility which is very expensive compared to anything else.


Community Disappointment

As a curator of several projects on the HIVE blockchain, to be honest, I am very disappointed with some accounts that have committed violations. The curation projects were already willing to give big votes for them, but then they failed to maintain credibility simply because of greed.

They wanted to make more posts for more rewards and eventually started plagiarism. Even if they are consistent and with their work, they will still be able to get good rewards, just need patience.

It takes time and sacrifices for the big thing to be desired. Shortcuts to things that are prohibited by the community will actually ruin everything.

The mindset “no one will find out" was the beginning of the downfall. Change the mindset, that every bad thing will quickly be recognized as the stench of a carcass that will not be covered. The bad secret of users who commit violations will always be detected by the community.

The various curators and communities on the HIVE Blockchain are connected. So once a user gets caught with a violation like plagiarism and reposts old stuff, no one will want to curate posts from that user anymore.

But there are still many HIVE users who don't realize how important credibility is to their accounts. Remember, we are all learning to be honest with ourselves and don't let greed decrease the credibility of our accounts.

Stay pure, original, and be patient. If you are impatient, you will probably start thinking about how to quickly make a lot of money without thinking about the long-term impact on your account.

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Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration for foods that are easy to make and contain elements of health.
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I agree. Particularly disappointed with a community leader reposting old content yet their reputation hasn't suffered that much as they just built another community and have followers still. It's unfair when others work so hard on originality.

Hope we can continue to find the original one ❤️

As a curator of several projects on the HIVE blockchain, to be honest, I am very disappointed with some accounts that have committed violations

ohh in a way i feel you. One of the reasons i didn't want to be a curator in projects was exactly that. There would be so many violations that i would be frustrated.

btw in how many projects/tribes are you a curator? (i think you are at least in 2)

Ahh before i forget

Who is Anggrek Lestari?

i really like this paragraph that you made!!

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Now Im running 3 projects :)
Not easy but I have to support undervalue post on Hive and that's great thing in my live ever

Thank you if you like my words about the author :)

hehehe you are busy!!! keep it up

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Thank you for this insightful post. Plagiarism is a bad stain on good credibility. Let's not wait till we are caught but work to put out quality, original contents. Like you said, patience is key. 🍀

Finding out you supported someone who has not corrected their mistakes after good warning is sad, the stain remains for a long time, people seldom forget.

Credibility comes at a price,time spent preparing, posting, commenting, slowly growing why would anyone throw that away.

Plagiarism is most definitely not something one does online, is that greed truly worth putting your name through the mud?

Excellent topic @anggreklestari, something everyone should remember all of the time.