Beware of The Pleasure Lifestyle that Failed You to Achieve Financial Freedom

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As we grow up and have jobs or sources of income, I believe we no longer hold the status of "poor people". We become people who develop towards rich people, towards successful people, even though we are still alive not more than money.

Without us knowing it, we often give ourselves too much pleasure. We feel that we have never felt pleasure before. As a result, we have spent too much money.

Maybe you are not free financially, but you feel the need to give pleasure to yourself. This is what you have to watch out for. You have to manage the joy of your lifestyle so that it can please yourself and not have adverse financial side effects.


Avoid Buying Instant Product

Instant lifestyle reduces our money drastically without us knowing it. The consumptive lifestyle is used by companies to offer instant things full of fun but at a price that can be said to be expensive.

Try to avoid the following:
- Avoid too often buy ready-to-drink coffee

Instead of buying ready-to-drink coffee, you can make it at home and you can cut costs in half. You can save these costs to buy assets or save for sudden expenses in your life.

- Avoid buying snacks at supermarkets

Now and then you can buy your favorite snack. But if it's too often, that means you become wasteful and make your finances unhealthy. Also, the ready-to-eat snacks available on self-catering contain ingredients that can be harmful to health if consumed too often, such as causing blood sugar to rise and causing weight gain.
The solution is you can make your snacks at home. Currently, there are lots of cheap and healthy snack ideas that you can imitate from YouTube.

- Avoid changing fashion if it is not needed.

Fashion is all about comfort. Not following trends. You can follow trends if you are a fashion blogger, influencer, or if you are truly financially free.
Buy fashion items that you will really use and do not just fill your wardrobe, only to occasionally appear in public. As we get older, I believe that we will be simpler and more concerned with convenience than with the public image.


Those are some things that we should avoid so that we can truly achieve financial freedom. We use our money to save, to buy assets, not to waste it on temporary things and addictive pleasures.

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Valuable Post!
If we avoid that things, we will not only be healthy but also save more money.
Thank you.

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Yes, saving money to investing in some stuff is better than consuming money to buy instant thing 😀

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I especially like how you link buying snacks to "unhealthy finances."

Yep, that’s why we need to make homemade snacks, even we need more times