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RE: LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #5

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I have to say the nerd in me is enjoying these updates. I am hoping to get myself to 1000 LBI in the next day or two and then I may pause for a while. I must say I am a bit disappointed about the lack of people nominate themselves to the governance team. I really thought this would be a very sought after position but of course, I understand the time commitment may not suit. I would put myself forward but I don't believe I have the knowledge required.


Yes, the updates for fun to write. I tihnk a few people have stepped up for the gov team, we'll see what happens :)

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I think that the issue might be exactly what you said at the end. Many of us don't feel prepared to act as a governance board member. Each of us has some sort of skills that can be useful but it's a good sign that no one sees him/herself prepared to lead the way. That's how a decentralized org should be , by the way, haha.
I think it will be something that will fix itself naturally. We are in really early stage and this project is aiming for the long shot so I'm not really worried about it.

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Im hoping the same :)

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