Road to 1000 Leo Power Achieved! Buying more to reach next 2000 LP Milestone

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Hello Everyone,

My journey with Leo token was started in October month and there was a massive dump in the price because of the hike with the WLeo minting platform. It's been four months now I'm very happy to share that I have accumulated 1000 Leo power in my account and all my Leo tokens are staked.



By the time I paid attention to Leo token, its price was quite high and I thought that I have missed the train but it's still I was keeping an eye on its price and fortunately I got a moment to buy Leo at some decent price. 1000tokens state and having a low power of this much amount may not be a big one for many but for me, it's a great amount and now it’s a good reason for me to be happy. Now since I have achieved to have 1000 tokens and my next goal is to have it doubled up and would like to have 2000 tokens staked in my account. I stake all the tokens that I earned through my posting as well as when I buy from the market because with state tokens, I can earn some curation rewards and there is no point keeping these coins in liquid form since I’m not going to sell them them real soon.

I purchased some tokens last week when the price was almost close to 4 hive and right now it is just half of it so again I'm going to buy some more tokens.

I am not sure whether this is the bottom or not but I am going to grab this opportunity once again. I see this as an opportunity again and I never try to miss such golden chances.


I will be buying some more LEO tokens and if it gets further down then even more. I usually don't prefer to buy all in one price because in crypto nothing is 100% sure and my strategy is to buy 50% approx at the current price and then the remaining for the lower rate.

Leo is one of my favourite coins and I am big-time bullish on it. Hope that such dips will make me reach my next goal of 2000 Leo power soon. I am growing slowly on the Leo ecosystem and I hope that by the end of this year 2021 I should hiding a good amount of Leo Power in my account.


Thank you so much.

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congratulations sir for achieving your goals , you will soon reach too 2k leo power 🚀🙏🍻

@tipu curate

great achievement, I just earned my 1st 25 LEO Tokens since joining !

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25 leo as first earning is great and congrats to you. thanks

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Congratulations @alokkumar121! That's a nice milestone. I love seeing these posts because they are so encouraging. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Thank you so much Lisa. Appreciate your nice words.

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Good Morning @alokkumar121! You're very welcome. Have a wonderful day! 😀

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WTG... Congratulations. Slowly building up my LEO account too. I wish I would have started earlier!

Even I wish that I would have started earlier with Leo. thanks for your nice words

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This is a great achievement, congratulations!

I think maybe LEO went down because HIVE went up, and maybe it didn't move that much in US Dollar value... Keep stacking tokens!