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Hey fellow hiveians how's your day going so far. Last update from me was 6 days ago and I was very busy because of my sister birth to baby boy and also I was traveling to other countries in order to fix my laptop but to no avail they say they can't fix it oh It was disappointment


I also bought @CTPSB that I sold back then i have bought some and also some more CTP because I see lot of potential in CTP I will also try learning affiliate marketing on click track profit website and try to learn something new and improved my understanding of marketing world.

I have now more then 8500 list tokenstake and it's looking good for list TOKEN so far I will buy more in near future I'm also interested in some token that have recently been added to hive.

Any it's good to be alive and well at peace @aiovo

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my dearest friend @aiovo it good to know you are alive and sound, am reading your post for the first time. congratulations to your sister on her successful delivery.
it is very good buying tokens mostly the once that are of no value now, have you heard of haggleX token? i will advise you purchase some of it too.
stay safe

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What does haggleX TOKEN represents? I couldn't find it on leodex
Please reply to me and thanks for stopping by😋

its not a token here on hive.
link follow the link and learn more about the coin before buying.
stay safe.

@aiovo, yes.. 6 days was so longest time and unfortunately you couldn't connected with Hive as well as. However now you resolved many things that you missed. Buying CTP really great decision and also stake it in to your wallet. Finally you reached 5.k tokens stake. You can crossed 10k stake very soon. Good luck friend. Have a nice day. Be safe and stay healthy.