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Hello everyone, I already posted more than 5 posts here on LeoFinance, but I have not introduced myself properly. I'm a Venezuelan Civil Engineer graduated on December 2019. I guess you already hear or read something about the situation on my country, that's one of the reasons I have not found job as a Engineer yet. However, I do not see blogging as a job, this is something I love doing it and the rewards you get here on Hive/LeoFinance are a nice income for anyone living in a country like this one.

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Most of my trayectory in this blockchain has been dedicated to creating STEM content related to Engineering on STEMsocial community and in Spanish language using the tag #STEM-espanol. Although sometimes I post on STEMgeeks as well. On the last months, I've been diversifying my content to other areas of my interest, including cryptocurrencies, economics, day to day situations about money or the evolution of it from my grandparents, etc.

That's why LeoFinance as become one of my favorite spaces on Hive. I'm not an expert on trading, deep analysis of cryptocurrencies or economics, but that is something you can learn reading other user's content on Leo, and of course on the LeoPedia. I already have some ideas in mind about the content I would like to keep sharing here on the future.

This is some of the content I already published on LeoFinance, and I invite you to read it😆

My personal finance with crypto and blockchain technology

My history discovering cryptocurrencies, the impact of it on my personal finance. 2° post on LeoFinance.

Micro-payments via SMS using cryptocurrencies. A way to incentivize adoption on developing countries?

Not everybody has the possibility to buy a smartphone in developing countries. Dash Text is a service that allows Dash transfers via SMS without internet.

Venezuela: Zelle vs Crypto

Zelle is a payment method that has become popular in Venezuela. But a large part of the population can't access to a Zelle account, so I write about crypto as a solution.

"What Has Government Done to Our Money?" Rothbard vs Central Banks - Book's review

Review of a book where Rothbard explains in simple words how governments and banks took control of the economy in order to "do their thing".

Freedom of Expression. Contrast between Web2 and Hive

Analysis of freedom of expression according to the concept of private property. You don't own your Twitter account, but you own your Hive account and your content.

The banks in the future

A vision about the banks in the future, how central banks and governments would be forced to accept Bitcoin since they will never control it (unless quantic computers will be able to do their thing).

The evolution of money since our grandparents (post in spanish)

I write about how money has evolutioned since our grandparents were young. The appariton of cryptocurrencies as a disruptive paradigm against traditional money.

Challenge — Living in Hyperinflation

My experience living in hyperinflation on Venezuela, and answering some questions about it as a part of the initiative by @rutablockchain.

I've been reading some books of economy, because one of my objectives is to adquire the enough arguments to refute people when they say cryptocurrencies are just "magic money form thin air", and economists attached to traditional bank systems. And of course to understand the causes of the economic disaster of my country.

One of my financial goals on Hive and LeoFinance it's to earn at least 100$ on author rewards at month. It's something that I have in mind and it would be very confortant, that would allow me not just to battle hyperinflation but also to use a part of it to buy BTC, HIVE, LEO, another crypto or increase my stake. Engaging it's not my strengh, but I'll do my best to bring valuable comments on other people posts.

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Thank you for your visit.

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It's great to have you here and thanks for introducing yourself! Keep on creating content and soon you'll be a big Lion!

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Thanks @bagofincome!

Warm welcome to you though it's not your first day but now we know you more.

Leofinance is surely a platform for learners and you'll surely attain your $100 monthly with concsistency and engaging more with other authors.
Also followed you on to see more of your updates and blog links

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I like LeoFinance, I hope to learn and enjoy my time here. Thank you for your comment.

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Thanks, that platform it's like a prelude for Leo microblogging.

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Welcome to the family, @acont.

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Thank you @wiseagent. Greetings.

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One of the best ways to jump in is with the comment section. Feel free to do that.

We have a daily forum under @leomarkettalk that is posted daily. People go into the comment section there to chitchat about whatever strikes their fancy.

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Thank you for your visit @taskmaster4450le.

I didn't know about @leomarkettalk, it sounds interesting. Just followed that account. It is a great opportunity to practicing microblogging, and also engaging on Leo. Thanks and greetings.

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Welcome here on Hive @acont!

Read the suggestions above and start discovering this new world. If you are a photography interested, I created a blockchain-like photography contest. It Is free, for fun, and you are welcome. If you want to know more, visit my blog, the #photochain tag or read the last edition at

The only thing: you have to adhere to some complicated - or not? - rules.

If you will join in, good luck 🙂 If you will not, good luck for your future here anyway. I Hope to see you soon on Hive 😉

Thank you @davidesimoncini for your welcome. I'll take a look on that challenge! Greetings!

To you :)

Gracias al equipo de curación de Cervantes. Saludos.