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RE: Added liquidity to KOINOS pool. - Doing nothing is worst than doing something and eventually fail...

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Show me one guy that hasn't blown away massive profits in crypto. It ain't crypto if you haven't lost money in it or witness how some shitcoin you just sold goes 3-4x in a matter of days or weeks. That's why I hold onto AVA, my favorite shitcoin.
Let me give you an example that I mentioned about in a post today, on leofinance, of bad crypto investment. I bought NXT in 2017 for $1, sold it at $1.5 and bought it back at $1.9 to participate in its shitty hardfork and get some shity coin airdrop and sold it finally at 12 cents. Turned about $1,300 into some $120 or so while being unemployed, and living in Romania... Part of the learning process. Next time the bull market hit us I'll know how to make money, for sure. Now it's just a matter of patience.


Now it's just a matter of patience

I keep telling that to myself