Mosul 2019 Review

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it's been a long time since i did a movie review but here i am! Don't think that i stopped watching movies or shows for a second! Even now i have 3 different shows that i am currently watching weekly as well as 3 anime! I also have about 6-7 series/movies that i plan to watch as well!


A few days ago i read about an upcoming movie on Netflix called Mosul! i checked the trailer and watched it yesterday, as soon as it uploaded. The sad thing is that it's 2019 movie and i thought it came out yesterday! :P

Generic Info

Mosul is a 2019 movie that lasts 1 hour and 41 minutes. It's action-war drama and since 26/11/2020 it on Netflix. The writer and director is Matthew Michael Carnahan who is also known for World War Z and Dark Waters.


So the story is around Mosul an Iraqi city that fell to ISIS in 2014 and after a lot of efforts and bloodshed, they took it back in 2017. During this chaos, the movie starts with 3 policemen fighting a couple of ISIS followers. They are outnumbered, one of them dies and the rest run out of ammo.

note that the movie is based on true events

Then luck shines above them as the ISIS followers are killed by a group of people called the SWAT TEAM. The SWAT team was supposed to be a group of Mosul based Iraqi soldiers known for their ruthlessness and achievements on the battlefield.

Soon enough Major Jaseem who looks like a cold-blooded killer will recruit Kawa who is a policeman for a couple of months and they will continue their journey.

The mission is almost unknown till the end of the movie but we get to see a lot of shootings, fighting as well as the bonds between these soldiers!

So if you are a fan of movies that have lots of guns, action and military elements then this is for you! It is also a movie for those that seek to learn of how the situation was in Iraq during these troubled days!


What i liked

First and foremost i liked that i saw a movie talking about Iraq and war but not the typical one with how the Americans save the day. Instead, we all get to watch how Iraqis are trying to defend their own country and what did it cost in order to achieve this!

I really enjoy movies with guns and stuff but i also enjoy seeing what's happened/happening in other countries during times of war and how people are trying to survive. This movie is a blend of those both!


It shows us how bad the situation was during that time, what groups like SWAT, Army, ISIS did and what war means. How easy it is to lose your life in a matter of seconds or from another perspective how easy it is to lose a person you love!

I think this movie is pretty brilliant and a little deeper than the average person may think after watching it. It's not just killing the bad guys, but you get to see the bigger picture like what war does/costs, how it changes people and even how your life can change in 1 minute!

Imdb Rating 7.3/10

My Rating 8/10

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saw the trailer but wasn't feeling like i wanted to read a film at the time. It looked very well done and I will return to it later when I can focus a bit more :)

when you see tell me whether you liked it or not!

This was one of the many many tabs I had opened back from 20 days before and I am glad that I have kept it open because now I am seeing it and I want to thank you for proposing it! Mosul is definitely getting in my movie list, as well as World War Z and Dark Waters, I saw the trailers and I really liked them!

I also am very interested in watching movies & series both with military/ action/ spy/ international relationships thematics, as well as based on true events like Mosul is! It's actually a great way to gain some understanding on what happens around the world and to make some initial sense of the situations.

when you watch it let me know whether you liked it or not!

Of course I will! I have used my new love of a bookmark manager and saved your post, so that I will find it easily when the time comes and write my impressions! 😺