Have you seen this- "The Professor"💼

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Hi there I am back here again I hope that you all are in a good health.

This post is an movie review that is The Professor I have seen this movie last night I have seen the thumbnail at amazon prime video so I got excited to see the actor in the movie that is Johnny Depp. He is one of my best Hollywood actor maybe he is your favorite actor also.

Now lets began the review of the movie that is The Professor.

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The in the beginning of the movie Johnny Depp who is Richard Brown in the movie is an English Professor in the College is at his doctors clinic and the Doctor told him that there is a sad news that is
He has advanced stage cancer of his lungs, which has spread throughout his body with mortal consequences. His life expectancy is set by the doctor as being six months without treatment, which might be extended to 12–18 months with aggressive and painful cancer treatment. Richard is devastated by the news, becoming self-abusive in verbal tirades against himself, and walking through town and around campus as if in an emotional stupor.

after that the life of he Professor really changed he started seeing the things in a different way.

How it feels when we know that we were about to die in few days or month what will we do ?
This is what the movie all about I hope you will enjoy or maybe not 😁 after all we all are not same

the review was not that good many have a look,


Here is the Trailer of the movie the professor


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