Cryptobrewmaster - Testing + Reviewing - Day 1

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Hey folk's, Graham here.

So I have began testing this game out properly to see if its worth my time without having to spend too much of my own crypto. Luckily you can start with very low amounts of cash in this game.

Yesterday I put in 85 CBM ($0.85 approx) into the system just to see how it works. I rented all the buildings out for 1 day and started mining for ingredients to brew some nice beer!


By the next day I had gained about 25 cards worth at least 1 CBM each and I produced 2 top of the line 'Masterpiece' lager's which sold for 86 CBM each. I also produced 2 neutral lagers for 4.65 each.


Today i have already sold 1 exceptional water card for 7 CBM and 2 ale yeast cards for 3.47 CBM making it seem very profitable as that is approximately 220 CBM from 65.

However I did have to spend most of this along the way buying beer to gain energy to complete the tasks/mining. You also have to pay to keep repairing the different buildings for maximum efficiency as they degrade every time you use them.

By the end of the days rentals I had about 110 CBM left and about $0.30 worth of cards which is a good profit if I can easily sell the cards.

I am wondering now if it might be worthwhile running this all the time in order to sell most of the cards. Maybe focus on the highest value cards such as 6 row barley for starters. They are currently listed @ 10 CBM for Blue Outstanding cards, 20 for Excellent and 35 for Masterpiece cards.!! I will have to do more research on the market and keep testing the system for now.


One big question I haven't answered yet is.. Is it fun ? Well kinda yeah..and kinda addictive 😀 there's a little bit of luck involved sometimes when you get a Masterpiece beer for example but I might get bored with it quickly.We will have to wait and see !

Peace, G.

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