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behaving as a human will have some characteristics which we can't do without showing such act , the likes of sleeping, talking, getting angry which is meant to always happen but the ability to control yourself when you get angry is what am going to talk about. People get angry in an odd manner, why I said odd manner is that when they get angry they don't care if they have to destroy or damage valuable things just in the name of getting angry and for them to be calm it is after they destroy or damage the thing that's when they now realize the great damage they have done.

To get angry is normal for human being but to control they anger or find a way to calm yourself is the real talk. Anytime I get angry maybe somebody did a bad thing to me or made me look frustrated, the first thing I will do is that I will leave the scene where that person got me angry so I won't cause chaos then I will go to a silent place and then, i will cool my head under a natural breeze.

After that I will just put on my head set and set a nice and cool song which is very entertaining then with that my anger nature will start getting calm gradually till it's gone.

so first of leaving the scene is an important thing to do that's what makes a lot of people when they get angry they do drastic things due to what they hear continuously from the person.