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Hello lovers♥️ of hive actually am into a new fresh topic in the blogging challenge topic which makes me active almost everyday in the community and also on the platform so what I will be discussing today is about two main thing which is very essential in human life and which all human being or all creature either human or animal can do without which food and also sleep, I can't really say or choose that one is the main thing that is essential to creature because we can't do without this too things.

So let me start with food there is an adage which is somehow common among people that " A hungry man is an Angry man". What make the man to become angry all of a sudden just been he has not eaten and no one can do without eating a day because food itself is what gives us energy in other to carry out our daily activities also food is not just anything we put into our mouth and swallow, there are some food that give the body shape and makes one look very good and smart.

We have the balanced diet, this kind of food contain all the classes of food which each of them has what they render to the body. Trying not to eat for two days you will see that you won't be able to anything you will just be weak and tired just because you have not given the body what it need.

So going to sleep, this is another essential thing one must not joke with because it is also common that people do say nature cannot be cheated, it will surely tell one day and when it finally shows up it can come along with a great sickness which will be as detriment to the body. Some do say if they don't sleep it does not have effect on their body but when they continue the process they will start noticing different signs which is very odd and not sleeping can cause weakness of the body or tiredness to the body.

So the way food is important to the body that is just the way sleep is also important to the body and no one is greater than the other because they have the role which they play in the body.



You can't over emphasize the importance of food and sleep in humans , it's a very essential part of living .
So they are of equal importance , and are important for survival