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How much USD would you need to buy a good camera?

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In my country, a camera for photo blogging $300 USD is a good.

I would like to send you 300 USD worth of Bitcoin. Would you give me your Bitcoin adress?

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That's very kind of you @jkr88 . I would be very glad to receive your kindness to help me. That is my dream to have a camera. I can say nothing to your kindness because you do not know me. By the way I will post a story of unboxing camera on hive a gift from you.
This is my bitcoin address in

BTC sent!
No worries! I'm glad I can help. I really appreciate your blog posts on hive/leofinance. Keep it up. As you can see from my posts I am also a father of three :)
Looking forward to your camera art! All the best and let's stay in touch!

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