How is my STEMM doing ? BEST MINER on HIVE?

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In this post , we shall see how my ( actually both my brothers and mine) STEMM is performing .

You can see which Tribe Miner has best ROI here posted by @themarkymark .

My brother(@srmallara) and I collectively own around 87 STEMM right now and I want it to push it to 100 soon.

We bought initially 25 STEMM and on 16th DECEMBER we bought 60 + STEMM . So the data presented here will be only from 17th and calculations too will be considered from there .


Compared to all other miners out there on Hive-Engine , STEMM is the most valuable ( according to me ) because the supply is very less -


Only 4087 Staked STEMM .

Daily returns ( 17th DEC to 2nd JAN )


Note : The amount includes both Liquid + staked STEM issued by @stemgeeks everyday



Since I hold just 2.12 % of total Staked STEMM , the variation is actually high . One day I get more and the next day I get less but it doesn't really matter because it will even out on the long term and the average payout is what matters .

If I want to depict it as a graph to show the variation -



Now let's come to the main part -

SUM = 174.28 - I have earned 174 STEM in just 19 days without doing anything .

Mean = 9.68 - Per day I have received 9.68 STEM on average.

Break-even at current price of 0.21 HIVE will be in -

DAYS:836 , YEARS:2.29

Why it won't take 836 days according to me ?

I personally think ( won't guarantee though ) that the break-even will come within a year because of the following reasons

  • STEM price will increase according to me .
  • HIVE price will increase according to me ( since we converted fiat to HIVE at lowest price possible , to get back my fiat is the actual break-even )

Isn't 2 years a long wait?

I am a looking for a long term investment . After 2 years , I will keep on making profits as long as STEMGeeks is alive and Hive is alive .Compared to other miners , I feel this is the best buy. So I guess its a pretty good investment but none of this is financial advice , if you want to invest DYOR .

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Those are really very good earnings via the STEMM miners. I do plan to buy some Miners and would like to know at what price did you buy these STEMM miners. I have WORKER BEE miners but not at all happy with the ROI of these miners.. looking forward to buying STEMM. Cheers

I bought them at 20 HIVE each . All 87 of them . Right now too they are available at 20 HIVE itself.

Ok, thanks. I had liquid HIVE for only 3 STEMM and have placed a bid to buy 3 of them for 15 HIVE each. Let's see if this order of STEMM gets executed or not. Cheers

Sure :) Good luck and if you have any questions regarding STEMM , feel free to ask .

Also don't forget to stake them once you buy them.

stemm is a nice token to mine more STEM and I am also eying to buy some tokens at lesser price if available.

Hello there! Very interested to read this as I used to invest in Miners during Steem days. Almost all of those projects collapsed without a trace so I am very wary of tribe tokens these days, however, anything backed by Markymark is going to be at least around for the long term and it seems as though there are a small number of very loyal and high-quality users here so I might have to have another dabble!

Great insight and I love posts like thee that give the real low-down with genuine numbers.

Best wishes and thanks again :-)

Absolutely sir. I personally am very reluctant myself to go after any miner . STEMM is the only miner I have bought and to be honest I am very happy with it.

Once STEM sees the bullish run, my investment will be back even earlier.

Thanks for stopping by and happy to give insights to other community members :)