The Second Chance : A Sports Freewrite

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Turning on the espresso machine, his wife gave him a look, the horrible type telling him not a drink again. Being in and out of the rehab has done more damage than necessary to him. No club wants a addicted player who also add batery to his crime. The steadfast-punching bad woman has stayed through it all. Loosing two baby in addition while in the womb causing the evacuation of the womb.

Like his guardian angel, she stayed all through and help in bringing him back on his feet.

The game is about to begin on a whole new season, so clubs will be on the look out for players to buy, none will surely want a liability. I'm sure. He puts it down gently and went for a glass of water 💦. The correction paid off after a week in the transfer market, Bozi was called upon to play for the North Ireland local club for an impressive sum. A good start to get ones life back.

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A good story.🙃