Chess tournament No. 1 08.07.2020

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Quarantine. it’s boring, if you don’t use it, and don’t start to develop some hobbies and activities to which, before, you were indifferent, or, simply, didn’t put a special emphasis on them.

My son and I began to play chess often.

We never did them seriously, we, amateurs, or, we became them.

Yesterday, we videotaped one of our chess games.

To be honest, the camera lens really interferes with concentration, but this is good practice.

After watching the video, I saw a lot of my mistakes, those moves where I was not attentive.

I think that we will put such videos on stream.

Many times I saw in the park how crowds of spectators and advisers gather around the grandfathers who play chess, who, from the side, always see better and know where to make the next move.

Author @barski


Hi @barski, when I play in the Hive Tournaments my opponents show me my mistakes quickly 😃

I think it's nice to play with strong opponents, but it's too early for me, lol, I don't want to waste their time.


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