My first ever minted NFT

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For a long time, I have tried to find a place to mint NFTs that does not cost much in term of gas fee. Searching throughout all places at every corners of the internet, most of places work with ETH. Everybody knows the price for paying ETH gas fee. Art is one of my hobby, I am not professional; all my drawing are by hand, none of them are digital arts. Therefore, I will surely lose a lot of cryptos. I planned to try on HIVE; However, I don't have any social media links that can "verify" me and my work since I don't post anywhere except creating posts here. So I did not pursue.

I did not know where to go, until a couple days ago, a friend mine posted an article about Unique.One ( They are fairly new according to the date of their Twitter and Medium accounts. It is a part of XDAI, a USD stable blockchain. One of the positive point of this site is hand-made arts. There are plenty of hand drawings in their Martketplace, which fits to my are of interests.

I decided to try my luck with this platform. To access XDai wallet, it needs MetaMask. Just like BSC MainNet, I need to setup a new Network with my MetaMask account. The detailed instruction is at It is fairly easy. If anybody just added Binance Smart Contract for his/her Cub finance a couple day ago, this is the exact same process.

1 After connecting my wallet and updating my profile, I started my first creation, a quick sketch of my dog.


2 After I clicked on the Create button in the top navigation bar, I selected multiple because I want to make multiple copy of the NFT I was going to create.


3 Uploaded the image. Skipped unlockable content since I don't have any hidden treasures for buyers; and I didn't want to create any collections yet, therefore, I selected Unique.One


4 Filled out all information as required. Then click to Create.


5 A list of minting steps popped up in my web browser. (1/4) Approve All and (3/4) Mint Token require gas fees.


6 Screenshot above are the gas fees for approval all and min token respectively.


7 And I have created my first ever self-minted NFT. I had 1 XDAI in my account. and the total spending was 0.0046 XDAI. According to the CoinCodex converter (, my cost was $0.103546 USD. A lot cheaper than anything I could find on ETH chain. I believe this is an error in the display when I signed my NFT, it said that my balance is 0.995423 ETH, which indeed it should be XDAI, as it showed in my balance.


8 I started my second NFT right after. To my surprise, It costed 0.000408. I have 0.9952 XDai (-0.0002 XDai) left after I minted my second NFT.

Now I have two minted NFT on blockchain. Pretty cool.

To be honest, I have no idea how many I should put on the price tag. This is my first time ever publish NFT as I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I just felt the excitement, the silly feeling that I am an "artist" now, and I have published something. LOL.

In summary, the mint process is really straight forward, and inexpensive. Though Unique.One is a new site, I don't think it has two much exposure like Opensea or other platform yet. There is no referral program; Within 5 months (started in Oct 2020?), the top artist on the platform has made 700 DAI listed in the main page. Hopefully they can grow.


Everything you say is quite interesting for artists looking for other places to sell their work.

Yeah, I am glad someone told me this platform, and I want to share it to others as another alternative solution if interested. Nothing hurts to know more.