my oilcolour painting "figure composition"

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I am a Fine Arts student.So this kind of work is done in my exams.It was my exam test work.

Was the content of the painting,Compose figures on your canvas with three or four figures using specific models.The subject was very funny.Here we can arrange the figures as we like.

figure composition
you can see everyone is discussing.everyone seems to be engaged in task.creating relationships with everyone inside the picture.this is the main purpose of figure composition.we see many such pictures in the renaissance.can be said for example Botticelli’s Birth of Venus,Marriage of the Virgin, by Raphael:there are many such works during the renaissance period.It can be said that it was painted under the influence of Western art.Although we live in an oriental country.But the structure of our syllabus is related to Western art.

here is some progress




👇I took the picture very closely to explain the uses of color and Brush strokes.

i have used Rule of thirds composition in this painting.many people know about rules of third composition.or we see the gridline when we take picture with the camera.

if you enjoy my work, you can find it in
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thank you 😊😊😊

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Exelente trabajo, muy bueno, me agrado, te voto y te sigo.

thanks a lot prm

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thank you 😊😊😊