hive community has artists from different countries.So the difference in content can be seen.

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I was drawing the picture and thinking about a woman.His reflection floated in my imagination.I imagined a red flower on his ear,Or his nose pendant.I don't know why the red flower attracts me more.
I felt him through drawing.

l am useing watercolour on paper.
Here I have given more priority to blue.
The red color is the focus point.
Being red, it easily attracts the eye

hive community has artists from different countries.So the difference in content can be seen.
Since I am an bangladesh artist.
So it is normal to have a woman in my imagination.If I had lived in another country, I would not have imagined a woman wearing a this dress, Or his nose pendant.




you can find it on others sides


@tipu curate :)

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thank you @rozku.
l think you love my work.
that's lot of for me. ☺☺


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thank you.
you always share my work.

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thank you 🥰🥰

I love it!

it's my pleasure dear.