Different colors carry different meanings.

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All the great creations in the world are everlasting,Half of it is done by women, half by men.
--poem by Kazi Nazrul Islam

বিশ্বে যা-কিছু মহান্‌ সৃষ্টি চির-কল্যাণকর,
অর্ধেক তার করিয়াছে নারী, অর্ধেক তার নর।
- কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম

This is the fifth work in the women series painting.I have tried to present the women of this series very simply.They are gentle.They can be compared to flowers.
It is easy for you to understand by looking at the previous works of this series.what i say.
The previous works of this series
work 1
work 2
work 3
work 4
work 5


It is possible to express through color.Different colors carry different meanings.For example, blue is considered as a symbol of coolness.The yellow color expresses the joy.Color affects our brain.
Here I have used the color as per my wish.


This work was first published in bdcommunity magazine
you can find it on others sites


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thank you bdc 🤗

A very beautiful artwork! Thanks for sharing with us :)

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It is a great artistic work, congratulations brother, you have quite a talent to show, I hope to continue seeing your art, I invite you to visit my blog where I also usually upload artistic content.

thanks for your invitation.
l follow you. 😉
l saw your work it's phenomenal. keep the good work
hope you will enjoy my work.

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