We Are Funded - Day 34 With CTP Bonus

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We Are Funded - Day 34 With CTP Bonus

This is day 34 with an update about the funding of our ALIVE tribe for the #IAmAliveChallenge and the #LukeIsAlive contest, and here is the info about it.

  1. White Paper - ALIVE And ALIVEM - This is our official White Paper, and we will stabilize the tribe and token before releasing the miners.
  2. Free ALIVE Airdrop - The List Is Out - This is a list of free airdrops that we will make when we launch our tribe, and with a total of 100 000 ALIVE tokens.
  3. Funding The Launch - Of The ALIVE Tribe - This is where we started the funding of the ALIVE tribe, and funders gets a total of 200 000 ALIVE tokens in the airdrop in return for providing 4000 BEE which is what we need to launch it, plus they also get a PeakD Founders Badge, and a CTP bonus.

Do not send anymore BEE tokens, we are already funded.

Funding Update

This is the updated list for today of fundings that we have got so far, and you can see the part sums to the right.

UsernameBEEPart Sum

Thank you very much everyone for all the great support that you have given, it's just fantastic to see, and we are now fully funded.

CTP Bonus

Funders also get a bonus in CTP tokens for the BEE that they provide, and they get 5 CTP for every whole unit of 10 BEE provided, and it's paid out by @flaxz.ctp, and here is the updated list with the total numbers for today.

Screenshot from Google Drive

What Happens Now?

So I have already made the ALIVE token stakeable on the @wearealive account, and I have added the settings and paid for Scotbot and Nitrous in the @aliveandsocial account, and the Hive-engine team is fully at work to get the tribe interface up and running, plus I have so far staked 500 BEE tokens and delegated 1000 HP to it, and the rest of the BEE tokens will get staked once the free airdrop has been made.

The airdrop to founders and to the community accounts will commence in just a few hours time, and I have finished the list for this.

You can see the calculations in this spreadsheet, and the result is in the screenshot below.

Screenshot from Google Drive

All funding from accounts belonging to @flaxz gets that airdrop to the @flaxz.alive account, and @flaxz has also donated 12082,33 ALIVE to the @aliveprojects account, and @iamalivechalleng as well has donated it's funding part to the same account since it already gets included for the community accounts airdrop.

This means founders and community accounts get their airdrop staked to their accounts today.

The free airdrop of 100 000 ALIVE tokens will be sent during the weekend and staked to the accounts according to our already published list, Free ALIVE Airdrop - The List Is Out.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and ...

Stay safe, awesome and alive!

We Are Alive And .Social

Written by @flaxz

This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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Very Exciting! I’m happy for you @flaxz and the 🙏🏼 Alive Community 🙏🏼

Thanks a lot Jimmy and for your great support, it's fantastic to see the tribe launched, enjoy your weekend.

congrats @flaxz.
Thanks for all the effort and hardwork.
Lets move forward together as a community.

Thank you very much Farhad, and yes the tribe is launched and fantastic to see it happen, enjoy your weekend.

Congratulations to every user on the we are alive community.

Can’t wait to make my first post on the new interface

Hello @wearealive Thank you so much for your kindness in the airdrop. What a surprise. I thoroughly support your efforts and am happy the project is off the ground.

I had a question. Can I purchase ALIVE Token? I didn't see a price.

Hi there Chris, since the airdrop was all staked and we launched the tribe less than a week ago then there is no liquidity in the market yet, but we have quite a buy wall built already and we will see where the price goes once people will sell tokens too.


Thanks for the explanation. I'll wait.

You also got 1020 ALIVE tokens that are staked in your account.

Yes, I saw that and am excited to be a part of the project. I want to support it fully. Thank you so much for all your hard work in making it happen.


Congratulations on finally funding your project :) Already looking forward to the tribe going live!

Thank you very much @primersion and for your great support, the tribe has been launched, the founders airdrop is done and the free airdrop will be done during the weekend, and do enjoy yours.

Nice to see the things rolling. well done team.

Thank you very much @khan.dayyanz, and yes a lot is happening all at once now, and the tribe is launched too.

Congratulations on getting it, it didn't seem easy. Looking forward to meeting the new tribe.

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Thanks alot @yeckingo1, yes it took a while and some swetting but the tribe is launched now, have an awesome weekend.

yipee!!! 🎉🎉🎉 good job everyone!!

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Yes this is really fantastic, thanks a lot for your great support Rosyel, and enjoy your weekend.

Congratulations. This is great

Thanks a lot Alok, and for your great support, the tribe has now launched so use the #alive tag to post with, and enjoy your weekend.

What a joy dear friends @wearealive
Congratulations to the entire team for the great job they have done.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night and a well-deserved rest

Thank you very much @jlufer and for your great support, it is all launched now, so enjoy your ALIVE Power and your Sunday.

It's nice...
I have a doubt.... the amount of token for airdrop are different in above list from the initial list published one month ago..

Screenshot from previous liat


Screenshot from above list..


The the amount for @guurry123

Hi there man, those are 2 separate lists, the one in the post above is for providing BEE tokens by the founders, the other list is the free airdrop that we published, both of those airdrops have been done by now, so just combine your amounts to get your total number, and thanks a lot for your great support, here is the tribe interface too, https://www.wearealiveand.social/

too many tokens, the value will go very low within a few days. Just for donating token bee they gave me more than 200 tokens.
there are users who will have a very high voting power and the same will happen as ctp.

Lol how is the price going to go down in a few days, all airdrops are 100% staked, and the decision for the amount of tokens to airdrop was taken before the funding started, it's all in the White Paper, and yes I can agree that the turnout got a bit much tokens to some accounts, if more people had helped out that would not have been the case, but those accounts are not going to drive the price down either, and a buy wall is also made in Hive-engine above the price that funders paid for their tokens, and that wall will at least double in size just over the next week.

I was scared to see so many tokens, I thought they would be awarded so that everyone could do what they want. It was a great ideal to give them as a voting power, when did we start giving votes?

It's already started, check out the tribe at, https://www.wearealiveand.social/