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Am grateful to God for another brighter new day but I want to share this wonderful topic with us,
Character, which is the focus and base of our text today, is defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Closely related to character is charisma, at least in the thinking of many people. Charisma is defined as attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. When character and charisma are juxtaposed, the following become evident: charisma has more to do with flowery demonstration of eloquence or elegance for the purpose of creating an external impression. For some people, this is innate while for others it is an art that is learned and mastered. While the Holy Spirit can certainly use a person’s charisma, a charismatic person does not necessarily have to be a believer or be filled with the Holy Spirit to demonstrate charisma. Character, on the other hand, is a demonstration of moral and mental rectitude, which are mostly aided by the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer. In this direction, we find in today’s text the following: “a man whose walk is blameless” (v6). “He who keeps the law”(v7). “When the righteous triumph”(v12). These are hallmarks of a person who is in touch with God. Unfortunately, in today’s world and most of modern day Christianity, people crave the applause of men, which they access through the vehicle of charisma. They would sacrifice character for charisma as long as it accords them praise from men. Watch out! Not everything that glitters is gold!stay safe and stay alive


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I appreciate that you touched on this topic and that you let us know your opinion about it. Two very important attributes of people, one of how we really are and the other how they see us
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