IAAC day 217 God deserved all my praise even if I have ten thousand tongue it won't be enough to praise him

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Hello @iamalivechalleng hope everyone is doing grate I want to give God all the glory for another brighter 🔆 new day and for his protection over my life I was not put to shame despite all my iniquities,he deserve all my praise


Special thanks to God for setting us up for another truly beautiful day. We cannot do anything without His praise. But out of that we also have something to do. If we take responsibility properly and do our duty to society, we have no reason to go down the wrong path. Our lives were saved in these global epidemics because of some good deed we did. Understand it and live it. Have a nice day.

Thanks so much @madushanka

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Week 44 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Yes, we owe everything to god. It is good to praise his name.

hello dear friend @tobywalter good afternoon
I am very happy for you, that you are in good health and you are a blessed person
stay safe and take care dear friend
have a beautiful weekend

Thanks for having me dear friend @jlufer

@tobywalter - Have a great Friday. Seize your day and enjoy your life with well responsible to yourself and your community. Be safe, healthy and strong.


Thanks so much @andyjim