Climbing Out Of A Hole || Am Alive Chaalenge - Week 5

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Hello, What's happening, What's going on?

In this video I talk about the things I've been doing to at least get back to where I was before life pulled down this spirsling hole that I've been trying to dig myself out of.

While I have seen some improvements, I still got a long way to go. I feel like every time I at the top of the hole something just pushes me back down a little.

Howevere I'm staying positive and pushing forward. This hole will not swallow me.

Are you doing what you need to be doing or/and what you should be doing?

I know I'm not and time is of the essence............
I must do more if I expect to grow. I cannot continue to do as I'm doing because i cannot continue to accept what I've been getting. I need to get more!!

I don't know what I'll be posting but I know I have to post something if I want to get what I was getting before, and that's the minimum I am willing to accept.

So be sure to watch the video and here how I'm climbing out of this hole!

See Ya next week!

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keep up you're really on it for being alive and focused! Affiliate marketing is a rough road indeed but it keeps you thinking and going at least. You followed the best curation trails and his real name is Mr. Zoltan and awesome individual. Bradleyarrow is a splendid curator. Good luck on your journey!

Thanks for your kind remarks and support. Also for telling me Mr. Zoltan's name and yes he is awesome.

Thank you for your kind words! Appreciate your support, man!

Stay alive @successchar 👏.

Thanks for joining the trail, Charletta! It's not that you will not earn HIVE on my trail, it's just that you will have maximized CTP token earning... This means that EVERY post that I upvote (and you automatically follow) will bring you a bit of CTP tokens + Hive and others (this depends of the creator of the token)...

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And my name is Zoltan and I'm glad that we have you here with us! :)

Have a beautiful weekend!

If I may, You sound like you're struggling with the grief from the loss of your son and life in general a bit and if you are, I would totally understand why.

And please feel free to tell me to mind my own business if you want, but I'd like to offer you my help any time if you need it.

This is an extract of what I wrote on my post last night to say that I completely understand and may even be able to help you a bit, just by dong a couple of mental exercises that drew me out of the blackhole that I had spiralled into...When NOTHING else would....

Talking about Depression...Last time it was after my beautiful mum died a couple of years ago and as I was her fulltime carer for the 9 months as she battled #bowelcancer, I literally spent 24 hours a day with her feeding her, showering her, dressing her wounds, changing her stoma bag (his name was Stewart to by the way...), giving her her insulin medications, talking to doctors nurses- the whole kit and caboodle and I went through several months of depression because I had so much built up anger, grief, regret, guilt, shame and other emotions boiling, toiling and churning away inside of me and I thought that I was fine, I told myself that I was ok, I was so happy and excited- on the outside, TRYING desperately to be happy on the inside... But I wasn't, my work was suffering, then I lost that job and couldn't get another one.

Oh and then I had a heart attack- 3 actually in a 2 week period...DUH- everything was really going down hill and no matter how hard I tried to get my life back on track- it didn't matter how many self help/personal growth seminars, events, training courses and online education I did, nothing worked and I needed help.

Help came through a series of serendipitous events and now I am back to my normal self, but if it hadn't of been for the random stranger that I met (at a book writing and publishing training seminar, who introduced me to the person that I needed #LorettaHoneychurch @, I would not have gotten that help that I needed.

So if, you're interested, I can tell you exactly what she told me to do and I can not tell you just how much my life turned around for the better within a week, I mean it doesn't get rid of the grief, nothing will ever do that, it just helped me cope with it much better in a much more realistic way.

But again, pls feel free to let me know if I'm overstepping.....I just want to help that's all..😊

thanks for the encouragement and no I don't think you're overstepping. We all need help and support sometime even when we think we don't need it.

I do say I'm ok and I don't think that I'm grieving but maybe I am. And I would love to hear what you did and how it helps you. the steps to take an don;t leave anything out. It may be just what I need.

Contact me on telegram if you have it;

or message me on facebook's messenger. my facebook page is

I will jump onto you FB and we will have a PM eh.

I will jump onto that tomorrow night if that's ok.

And I must say I am so glad that you didn't get shirty with me for overstepping, but as I said, I know that you've been through a hell of a lot lately and I can recognise some of your expressions and voice from me and what I was going through so I would just love to help you. 😊

Talk tomorrow night. ❤️

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