30 Days to Rich?

in I Am Alive Challenge2 months ago

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Today I am back to the 'Hard Pills to Swallow in Affiliate Marketing' series. Today's topic is getting rich in 30 days. Can you do it?

This is my 147th day in the #iamalivechallenge. I am alive and doing very well. I hope you are doing very well as well.

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You are right... That one is probably the hardest to swallow, and yes, I think the same that people who can't swallow that one, are the same one that quit after 2-3 months... And I think that 2-3 months is maybe too optimistic... In reality, it is much faster...

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Thanks for the comment. All of us in #ctptalk are rich because of the community.

I totally agree with you. When people "plan" to earn 2000 $ per month online, they forget one simple thing... If it was that easy everybody would do that! I started out a couple of years ago and like you I manage to make a couple of hundred dollars per month online today. For me this is already quite awesome because I know how difficult this is. My view about that is not to trust anybody who promises any such things...