Email 101 Part 1

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This is the first of a series of videos on producing the absolute best emails possible. Make your emails fall into the "must open" category and watch how fast your business grows.

This is my 163rd day in the #iamalvechallenge. I am alive and doing very well. I hope you are doing very well as well.

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I like this "presentation" format of the video... Maybe after doing this series, you can go to practical, tutorial stuff... You did well that in the past... ;)

Thank you for the encouraging comments. I sure appreciatw them.

Great email marketing tips

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Thanks #howyf2. Much appreciated.

Nice intro video to your Email 101 series. I spent a good amount of time, like most of the day yesterday, unsubscribing from lists that I signed up for that I no longer read or those that only send out promotional emails. I keep the emails from our community to save unicorns and reread them because they are very well done.

We all need to clean up the lists we are on occasionally. Thanks for the comment.

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