I Am Alive Challenge day 09

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I Am Alive.....#IAmAliveChallenge.

The sea is the bridge of salvation, the soft, soft, gray, tender sea. Stove, the sea is back today to violence. A slapping wave against the violent rhythm of the juices hurled into the face of the sky with flowers, broad lips, and arms extended like delicious decoys. The sea is a new salvation. To the west, to the islands of the carnelian, to the beach on which the goddess of love rose from the foam of the sea and blew the wind.



Wow, such intriguing words written by a genuine wordsmith!

Glad to see you here and alive and well enjoying some sunshine and fresh air!😀

Did you get a chance to read my blog last night?

You might find it interesting hopefully- since you are a student of renewable energy technologies I think you said.


Hello @medaymane,

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