I Am Alive Challenge Day 3 - Alive and Blessed


Busy day today but a great day! My stepdaughter Gaby arrived today from Indonesia. My wife and I reside in New Jersey and now Gaby is staying with us too!

We picked her up early this morning and still have a lot to do, so this will be another quick post. I do plan on posting every day though.

Here is a quick pick of Grace and I (Alive, Well, & Blessed!)


Mr. Tanner (the dog) was very happy to meet his new sister.

Till tomorrow, many blessings! God bless you all!



Hello @johnandgrace
Nice to meet you and I am happy to know that your are alive and your stepdaughter is going to live with your.

Seems like, you are going to have a great time ahead as your stepdaughter is staying with you. What was she doing in Indonesia? Is she from Indonesia?

Most likely, I am on one of your post for the first time. Nice to meet you. Looking forward to read more posts from you. Have a blissful day.

Hello @johnandgrace
Good to know that you are safe and sound.
Its nice to know that Gaya joined you......

Hello @johnandgrace.
So good news that your stepdaughter has your company now.
I hope you both are good and well. Enjoy your time together. Stay safe.

Am glad that she arrived safely and i hope she quickly adapt to the new environment. Create a beautiful moment together. Stay safe and alive @johnandgrace

Hello my friend @johnandgrace . It's really a good news that you now have your step daughter, Gaby staying with you and I'm very happy for you guys. I believe her stay with you will be an enjoyable and remarkable one. Stay blessed.

Thank you @micky-teflon. So far things have been great. They are out shopping now and I have a little time to catch up here.

You are welcome @johnandgrace. That's great. Have a nice time and take care.

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Hello @johnandgrace good to see you alive.
It's great your daughter has come to stay with you .
It's a pleasure moment when someone so close travelling so many miles come to stay with you.
Go and grab the opportunity to have unforgettable moments with your family.
God bless you all

@johnandgrace, sorry for not responding to your message on one of my posts.
i don't think you have subscribed to my list. But, i may be wrong.

Anyways, its nice to meet you.
I am glad that you are having a good family time.

Take care and stay safe.

hello dear friend @johnandgrace good morning
This is very good news, surely Gaby will bring beautiful photographs of that wonderful place, enjoy the company very much
have a great day

Thank you @jlufer, my friend. Gaby is really enjoying her time so far!

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Great to see you both alive and well @johnandgrace, and really good that your stepdaughter arrived safely, I hope that she will adapt nicely to a new environment, thanks for sharing and stay safe, awesome and alive.

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