Quarantine Workout

29 WEEKS OUT! The month of Quarantine and never miss a single workout. I appreciate more my training alone, I could say I become stronger coz I'm not relying on anyone, No Spotter, No Assistance... Just Pure Me, I, and My Self. Here is My Training this Noon Time where the Heat is Burning in my Body and the sweat is running all over my entire skin.


This is an old-school Drying Method Literally FEEL THE HEAT! My TRICEPS Workout Compensating The Chest... It's a Killer!


1. Close Grip Incline Dumbbell Press (once failed shift to Incline Dumbbell Press for extra reps)15, 15, 15 (3 warm-up sets) 12, 8 (2 heavy sets).

2. Close Grip Machine Press (once failed shift to Flat Medium Grip Machine Press) 12, 8 (2 heavy sets).

3. Lying Triceps Extention (once failed shift to close grip press) 12, 8 (2 heavy sets).

4. Weighted Dips Superset with Pullover 15, 12 (2 heavy sets). Note: After 3 warm-up sets in Close Grip Incline Dumbbell Press no more warm up on succeeding exercises Go 2 sets Heavy directly.


hello dear friend @jerichternida good afternoon
Without a doubt, having the gym for you alone has many advantages, and the results are in sight
I appreciate that you let us know the frequencies of your routines
stay safe. have a beautiful afternoon