Feels So Last Year... | IAAC 336th

...on this lazy afternoon talk by my container garden. Talks of covid, rising cases, lockdowns, and strict implementation of face masks and face shield still hound local media every day. It's finally the fourth and final day of our street / barangay (district) lockdown. Woohoo! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I need to run a few errands like order water gallons for drinking water from a nearby water refilling station. My daughter will do her grocery run this weekend. It should last over two weeks, including the Holy Week holidays.

That's the repotted plant from yesterday. It seems Mom moved it to another side of the garden. 😂🤣 and here I thought it went missing...

Bonus good vibes pics from the kitty cats who were near me as I worked on my recording. Look at them relax and sleep. Can't help but feel that it's so good to be our cats. 😸😸

Easy garden & covid talk on this lazy Thursday afternoon. This was after my work hours. It's exasperating to even think how we have not moved on from last year's crisis. If we were in a private company, those running the show would have all been fired by now. 😒😒 I even read on twitter that officials were blaming everything on covid, like duh?! How come some countries have slowly been recovering already... 🙄🙄

See you for my next video.. Till then!

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how are you dear friend @iamraincrystal good afternoon
It is a shame to be living this way, with masks and masks, but it is the best we can do to stay healthy.
congratulations on the buds of your plants
have a beautiful afternoon

thank you my friend! I sure hope the repotted plant grows to its maximum potential 😉👍🏼

Well, I'll find out tomorrow as I head out on an errand. Enjoy your weekend!


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