Chooseday Thoughts: Find Time To Chill | IAAC 334th

Day two of the total lockdown along our street. Above photos and video was taken by my daughter as she walked home from work. Yep, it looked very much like the early days of the lockdown last year. 🙄🙄

Chillin' in my container garden during this second day of the lockdown. Two down, two more to go. I honestly do not know what good it would do, but I suppose it lessened people movement in the area. Let's see what it would be like when the street reopens on Friday. 😂🤣

So, I did talk about the cats a bit. As of this writing, I'm still looking for Twilight who left earlier as janitors in the building were spraying along the corridors. I hope he finds his way home. He's a big cat now. But I'll keep looking. Twilight's one of my early faves as he's just so adorable growing up.

Learn to find time to chill. That's what I'll do today. Spending time in the garden helps me relax. One day at a time... I can continue on once my mind has relaxed. I'll tackle my to-do list later. 😂🤣

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@iamraincrystal - Wish Twilight can find his way home. I really understand how you feel once the pet was out and not back home. Take care and seize the day on your lock down.

Be safe, healthy and strong. !ENGAGE 25

Yipee, Twilight did find his way home :) For that, I'm so happy :) I sure hope there wouldn't be more extensions of these lockdowns. Such inconveniences that local government doesn't even provide resources nor financial aid. We had to fend for ourselves.


Enjoy your day!

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Have a nice day, remember to keep yourself happy at home. All these Lockdowns will soon be a thing of the past

thank you :) May we all be free as before :D
Stay safe!

Amen, thanks for the beer

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