4-Day Total Lockdown... | IAAC 333rd

...here in our barangay district! Funny, we read it on a news article from an interview with our city mayor, but actually got a different info from our barangay chairman himself. 🙄🙄 wadda?!?! It turned out we were in for a surprise this morning as we began our day. In a way, my work from home set up was a blessing. However, we do not expect our street to be opened up till Friday. 😒😒 my daughter is exempted as she works
in a bank.

Well, Metro Manila plus four surrounding provinces were placed in a "bubble area." Apparently, everyone from these places could only travel within the "bubble."

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Everything that is happening, including news stories are so last year?! Whoever said they wanted us out of this condition?! F.U.D. still spread around locally. But I'm exasperated already. Tsk!

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I'd say "enough already!" Focus on the good that you could do while you still can. We were glad to have taken that day to run errands at the nearby mall, or we would not be able to do that again soon. Even dining out has been stopped for the next two weeks. 🙄🙄 we're living life on a loop. I wouldn't be surprised if we'd also wonder where 2021 went. SMH 😑😑

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Spread kindness. The world needs more of it. Regular folks like each and every one of us are the best agents of kindness. Start within your circle, within Hive communities. Let it spread around. Be constructive, not destructive. Lift people up, instead of finding joy in bringing them down. Life is not about you. You're just a tiny speck in this vast universe.

Hated starting the work week on a serious note, but it is what it is. So just treat yourself like we did last night -- brownies and ice cream on the side. 😋😋

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That can not be fun, we never had a full lockdown here, but lots of restrictions anyways, and you do grow really tired of the whole thing, great that you work from home now though and can get to it without any troubles, have an awesome new week.


thanks @flaxz hope your week is going well too :) honestly, these lockdowns have no sense as there's no stimulus checks or financial aids from local government. No sense in stopping most regular folks from going to work and earning a living. Sometimes, it could really get frustrating being where I am. :p


Enjoy your day!

I hope you can manage anyways, and I wish you an awesome day.

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Sorry that you're back under lockdown. It's pretty stupid. Here, our restrictions are lifting... not that they were ever really enforceable in Wyoming.

alas, you guys are lucky! Locally, I feel like we're just going around in circles! I honestly see no point in these micro lockdowns as folks would most likely rush back in after 🤣😂 that would defeat the purpose. Exasperating to see how local officials implement their strategies and policies.


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So sorry to see that your area is in lockdown. In Kansas of the United States they decided to lift some restrictions and have the children back in the class room. There is a lot of anxiety. My son and I still wear our masks when we go shopping and other errands. We have not got our shots yet, so I hope it will be soon. Take care of you and your daughter. Be thinking of you.

I sure hope that lockdowns will be lifted totally. No stimulus checks here nor financial aid. No sense stopping people from going to work and earning a living.

Enjoy your day!

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