Midweek Updates On Gardening & Lockdown | IAAC 335th

Here's the cutie plant given by the neighbor. Mom said it's a newly grown chili plant. I'm a gardening newbie so I honestly have no idea. 😂🤣 funny, mom said she'll join me in gardening. It turned out I did the replanting all by myself.🌱🌿 I sure hope I did it right. 😉👍🏼 the above photo was taken before the replanting.I'll watch the plant and monitor for growth and share more photos soon. I'm planning on ordering hanging plants over the weekend. Plus, a new idea came by me today re: container garden redesign. I'll work with the idea first before sharing more info about it. Some ideas look good on paper but are hard to implement.

On Monday, it was slightly noisy down the street, as I guess a lot more folks were caught by surprise by the total lockdown. It was quite timely we ordered some pet supplies already to last till tomorrow, the end of the total lockdown on our street. Yesterday was quiet. Today was quieter. I wonder what it would be like tomorrow. I will resume printing receipts as well, as our street is expected to be open once again by Friday. 😝😝 some lockdown...

Do watch the video and meet my cutie furry friends. They came rushing when I went out in the garden. They thought it was feeding time again. 😸😸 i swear cats and kittens have the most fun!!!

One more lockdown day!!! Till then...

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