Consistency Pays | IAAC 141st

Yipee it's FriYAY!! Don't yah love the weekend? I know I do! So, for today I will talk about how consistency pays -- literally! Here are two simple examples on how an every day activity can pay off in the long run.


Back in the early days of my online activities, I joined a number of PTC (paid to click) sites. Most are gone now. How does it work? Well, you click on ads and view them for a number of seconds, then you get paid in cents. Sure, they're not much. Those who like to get rich quick would not appreciate them. But just like my games, I allot a few minutes of my time daily to click. And last night, I finally reached payout limit. I've been paid a few times in the past. These have mostly gone to my online ventures. I got $10 that got credited to my Skrill account. I found that I could actually send it to GCash, another local digital wallet app that is similar to that I featured previously. Well, my daughter will assist me to set up an account later, so I could actually get my online earning in local currency. This is another step in being able to buy and pay for stuff IRL. Isn't it amazing, huh?

screenshot from LBRY

Another milestone reached was on LBRY. My link is down below, in case you want to follow me. Let me know when you do, so I'll follow back. 😉👍🏼 Every day for the past three months, I would view at least ten videos a day. When I checked earlier, I was eight views away to reaching my L5 rewards. Yup, consistency does pay. I have not explored how I could cash out LBC tokens. I'm on HODL mode there at the moment.

screenshot from LBRY

Time to set more goals! There's the next level to reach. I think it's amazing how some programs are gamified to encourage engagement. I love this concept that is very much present in my affiliate program ClickTrackProfit. My link is down below, in case you want to check it out too.

It may be the start of your weekend, in which case have a happy one! One more day before I could enjoy mine. 😉👍🏼 I'll see you for tomorrow's week ender video. Ta-tah! 😘😘

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Happy Friday! The most laborious thing on earth were those PTC sites :) But yeah Conziztency does pay sooner or later.

the good sites really paid! Small bit adds up over time 😉👍🏼

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Yeah very right, little bit adds up & it turns out to be a good pile-up at the end of the day😉👍🏼

Consistency does payout! People were saying for others that were collecting coins a few years ago that they are crazy to invest time into that... But, they were growing their position throughout time...

As you said... From your office... As higher you are, you are seeing better and more than others... Learning about new techs, like blockchain will position you higher, and you will know how to recognize good opportunities... if you add consistency to that, you are getting the perfect formula...

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thank you for the encouraging words! It means a lot when others are also validating my moves. 😉👍🏼 I'm encouraged to learn more to prepare better for the uncertain future 😉👍🏼

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Wow great job on reaching your milestones today! That is awesome :)

I used to do Neobux a LONG time ago & it was enjoyable. I remember starting out in affiliate marketing with CTP, NeoBux & ClixSense he he. Those were the days...:)

Also, that is awesome about LBRY. I enjoy uploading my videos there because it gives me another platform to keep my content. YouTube has been acting wonky lately so this gives me more peace of mind that people can access my content in other places like @threespeak & LBRY. :) And I am already following you on there so I think we got each other he he.

Have an awesome Friday (& Saturday!), girl! I am looking forward to the weekend as well so I can catch up on some house duties & maybe take a small break from HIVE stuff for a day or so. :)

Sending lots of love & #pixiedust! 💚

The weekend is great. But since I only have one day off, I split some tasks to spread them out. Some stuff I could do daily, I do so. That way I won't be overwhelmed by Sunday 🤣😂

Glad to hear you're taking a break for the weekend. We all need that. My daughter scheduled us to go to the hair salon on Sunday. She's needing that haircut badly. I think I'll have retouch of my hair color 😂🤣 a bit of change here and there sure makes a difference.

I remember Clixsense. I earned from there too, but they changed formats so... Nowadays, faucets are the in thing. But I only go to a few regularly. 😄🙃

Enjoy your weekend, sis! 😘😘

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