Garden Talk On Maundy Thursday | IAAC 343rd

It's Maundy Thursday and we solemnly celebrate the day. Lenten season is the best time to meditate, reflect, and renew. I'm also happy that the hanging plants I ordered arrived today. I guess they work double time even on holidays.

The unboxing. I was actually afraid that the plants might get wilted in transit. It even got delayed by a day or two. Thankfully, it still looks healthy.

Initially, I placed them on a lower level. Later on, I sought my daughter's opinion and help to move two of the plants to a higher level. I'm in charge of watering them anyway. I

want more nature feels in the garden. If I couldn't get close to nature, I'll bring nature closer through more plants.

It's a relaxed day, and I totally love it! I'm thankful for days like this. 😊😊 plus, I still need to focus and realign some goals and tasks. Holidays will only last a few days. We have plenty of tasks left to be done. I wouldn't totally relax as local conditions do not call for that. Heck! Our lockdown has not even been lifted, and it has been over a year of restricted movements. 😒😒 boohoo indeed!

Oh yeah, it's April Fool's Day, so be careful of pranks. 😝😝 we're being pranked by local government daily. It's been over a year too. 🙄🙄 #nofun #nofreedom

Anyway, tomorrow will be more solemn than today. It will be Good Friday, a good time for fasting and abstinence.

Have a great weekend!

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