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Here I talk about the We Are Alive tribe, and specifically the @iamalivechalleng account where we run the daily Alive Engagement Contest giving away 200 Hive Power each day, and an update about my plan for it.

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Hi there and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz.

Updated Plan For The @iamalivechalleng Account

So we have earlier talked about tokenizing the Hive Power of @iamalivechalleng and it even went into our White Paper.

Now I also have a clearer picture of how to support the We Are Alive Tribe with Hive Power curation, and to be honest I don't think such a token for the @iamalivechalleng account is the best idea, and for 2 reasons.

The Goal With This Account

To start with the @iamalivechalleng account is using ALIVE Power to vote on #IAmAliveChallenge posts, and it is hosting the daily Alive Engagement Contest that gives away 200 Hive Power for 4 weeks each day.

That is the goal and focus, and I also want it to become self sustainable in the future, meaning that the account has the ability to take the cost of leasing that HP, plus I also plan to have a second winner each day that recieves a delegation of ALIVE Power, once that is enabled.

Having an ownership token of the HP on that account will make the above plans much harder since the assets is either locked as HP and tokenized, or else used to pay dividends to delegators.

This then means that such a token would work contrary to those goals.

We Are Tokenizing The Hive Power Of @thisisawesome

The second reason here is that we are already moving to tokenize the owned Hive Power of @thisisawesome, and you can check the details of this plan here, This Is Awesome - The Plan Ahead.

This account is already voting with over 13 600 HP, most of it delegated, and thereby is much bigger in terms of HP.

In addition to this it does not only vote on IAAC posts, but also on #LukeIsAlive posts, and covering the whole We Are Alive Tribe, and the CTPtalk tribe, and the Actifit dapp, and finally the #Freewrite project.

What this means is that @thisisawesome has a much wider voting pattern, and a big thing is that it covers our whole tribe, that does not mean voting on every post, but voting on the posts that it can.

It's quite important to note that if @iamalivechalleng where to have a lot of HP then only voting on IAAC posts might be seen as a too narrow voting pattern, and could even cause trouble in the future.

These are the 2 main reasons that I can see to not do such a token on @iamalivechalleng but why it is a great idea for @thisisawesome to do it.

@iamalivechalleng can instead focus on it's main goals, upvoting IAAC posts with ALIVE Power and run the Alive Engagement Contest and move towards doing that with it's own earnings.

What do you think?

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Thank you very much for watching my video, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

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This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

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I encourage you. There are many good programs that can be rewarded by joining.

Not sure what programs you talk about, I talk about the plan for @iamalivechalleng and @thisisawesome which I am running both of.

hello dear friend @flaxz good afternoon
I really like your ideas, I think you should follow this plan that you mention, you are doing them very well.
I take this opportunity to wish you a happy start to the week


Thank you very much José, and I am glad that you like this plan, sometimes it takes a bit of time before we see the best way to fit the parts together to get the desired result, and I think that this is what makes the most sense and will have the best long term result all around and for our tribe, I wish you an awesome week ahead.


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You're welcome @flaxz, great motivation like every week 😊🐝👍

Thanks, and keep on buzzing.



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