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Giving thanks is what I do. I give thanks for the grace of each day and I give him thanks for making me to see the last day of the week safe and sound.


May his name be praised.
Am also happy school will resume on Monday which is 3days time. Early this year the federal government declare that no school should resume due to the corona virus but eventually after several meeting another resumption date was given.
I hope nothing will happen to the students.


Good to know that the school is going to be resumed. In my native place, the schools are still closed and they have extended the timeline to 30th January. However, In Oman, the schools are open somewhat. Some students (of higher classes) are joining the classes maintaining the social distance and wearing mask. And rest of the students are attending online classes.

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Thanks so much for your comment @hafiz34. Here also they tried the online classes but the number Of student in each school is too much also the students are complaining that the online classes is consuming too much data.

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