Sublime and beautiful sunday

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It is awesome to be in God's presence. Worship at Living faith church Basin and today being last sunday of the month is Thanksgiving sunday and also mark Nativity sunday where we are to wear our cultural wear. I put on yellow dansiki which represent the Yoruba culture



The pastor preached about Biblical wisdom of divine protection
He talked about why do I need protection

  1. When you are moving forward people will envy you
  2. There are many forces who on daily basis ganging over life's



what to do to guarantee divine protection

  1. One must be born again
  2. We should be spiritual sentivity we should live our life to please people
  3. Watch your utterances
  4. Always engage in the blood of Jesus.
    The sunday service was awesome. After the service we came and enjoy a delicious meal concoction spaghetti.





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The plate of spaghetti matches your yellow dansiki

😂😂😂😂 it was made with palm oil @ace108