Space Food Sticks were an amazing food ... Google them. Here's selfie #11.

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Do you remember Space Food Sticks? I do! I bought this shirt at a thrift store, and I love it. :)

I post a selfie in the 'Faces of Hive' channel every time I complete my daily #DoNotBreakTheChain goal.

My goal is simple: If I work on my auto-responder emails each day, I put an X on my calendar for that day. The goal is to do this daily, and 'Don't break the chain' of Xs. This came from a book I recently read.

I reward myself each time I put an X in my book by posting my #selfie here in our wonderful Hive group.

Peace and Love,



Your content is a #massivesuccess. You shall be rehived momentarily!

I don't remember Space Food Sticks. I do remember Tang the official drink of the astronauts! I like your idea of putting an X on the calendar.