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RE: POB Update: Ecency Front End, Possible POB Store, and Ads

in Proof of Brain2 months ago

In the past I didn't like Ads very much (and even now I don't like them very much), but when they are well chosen and have a real purpose, it's possible to learn a lot good things.

Overall... Nice changes, @proofofbrainio, @leprechaun and the whole team. POB project is getting even better!

P.S.: @hranhuk and @thomashnblum, a POB story will be amazing for you.

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I don't like ads too lol but they help the community grow , they help the founder raise money to use it on improving the token . So I am okay with it :)

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Yeah! It's like a "necessary evil" or something, haha!

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Lol exactly .

Check out the latest post by Patrickulrich , you will see the ad payout for SportsTalkSocial .

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