Result of last Win 100 POB delegation

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As I mentioned in the post Lottery Talk - You can win more than 100 delegation, the 10th edition would be the last in the contest to win delegation.

At first, the delegations would only last 1 month, but I will leave it to the 10 winners indefinitely. Those 1,000 POB make a big difference for you.

And looking to deliver a bigger prize for those who interact with the community that I created the Loteria de Engagement, until now having 17 unique participants in 4 days.

Up to the date of this publication, more than 130 liquid POB have already been delivered to those who decided to compete for one of the awards.

Tomorrow I will deliver a report of the 10 Win contests with statistics of what it has added to the community.

Now let's go to the draw.

Last week's theme was: Governance in POB

And we had 2 participants, and the number drawn was

Congratulations @wiseagent

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