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RE: Usecases for POB is a must but first step - Ad revenue .

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My project POB outside POB tries to make this link, and acts as a kind of marketing (even if small) of the community

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Hey buddy. Nice to talk to you again .

Yeah I have come across your project , it's incredible .

But from a usecase point of view I am talking to link the real world.

I mean to say , tell me how you are getting POB out to the actual world? You are converting it to hive and then to fiat and then the person takes it right ?
We are selling POB which means it directly doesn't have a usecase.

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yes, at first i am converting through leodex, but i am spreading about, luckily i can find some artist who likes the concept of the community and wants to be part of it, thus receiving it in POB

In the long run, I want to transform these arts into NFT, and then with the sale of them to put new money into the POB, it is little, but it is something

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it is little, but it is something

That is what matters @vempromundo . Just imagine if every single person contributes in their own way to bring in that "little" amount , that's all we need .

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I liked it a lot and I also mentioned it in an article, it is something that we should take out of habit, speak pob outside of pob, so we can bring more people to the community!

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