How POB changed my life a little

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My first post on POB your unit was worth $0.097, 12% of the current value, and it had been 7 days since the community was born.

At the time I started to calculate how much I could get by doing some posts, because by joining Hive and Leo I was having an income of 50 BRL a month (approximately at today's rate of 10 dollars).

My first goal with POB at the time was to earn enough money to pay a $30 bill.

And here I am, paying the electricity bill, rent, condominium, some Brazilian taxes, internet, food, transport, pharmacy and still having POB left for me to increase the voting power of my @vempromundo.pob curator account.

Not even in the best scenarios of my life, I expected my 2021 would be that way.

25% of everything I can accumulate with POB is enough to pay my bills, and with that I can allocate 75% to increase the stake, so my vote doesn't devalue too much over the days.

I see that it's dropping by the day, but I also see that many below me are growing faster than mine, which is amazing because then we'll have a lot of strong users representing the community and not just 6 or 7 defining the direction of rewards.

I am very happy with the repercussions of my free engagement lottery and the result it is bringing to small users. I made a post with the statistics for the first week, there is still a lot of information missing, but I hope to be able to bring more in the coming weeks.

This community has changed my life a little, and as far as I can tell, it's going to change even more. I saw a post of people getting a better cell phone to interact on the platform, others being able to change cars. My goal of paying my bills and living off POB is happening. If you also have one, don't give up, it can happen.

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Minha primeira postagem no POB a sua unidade valia $ 0.097, 12% do valor atual, e fazia 7 dias que a comunidade havia nascido.

Na época comecei a calcular o quanto eu poderia conseguir arrecadar fazendo algumas postagens, pois juntando Hive e Leo eu estava tendo uma renda de 50 BRL ao mês (aproximadamente na cotação de hoje 10 dólares).

Minha primeira meta com o POB na época era conseguir juntar o suficiente para pagar uma conta de luz que girava em torno de 30 dólares.

E aqui estou eu, pagando a conta de luz, o aluguel, condomínio, alguns impostos brasileiros, internet, alimentação, transporte, farmácia e ainda sobrando POB para eu aumentar o poder de voto da minha conta de curadoria @vempromundo.pob.

Nem nos melhores cenários da minha vida, eu esperava que meu 2021 seria dessa maneira.

25% de tudo que consigo acumular com POB bastam para pagar minhas contas, e com isso consigo destinar 75% para aumentar o stake, assim meu voto não desvaloriza muito no decorrer dos dias.

Vejo que ele está caindo aos poucos cada dia, mas também vejo que muitos abaixo de mim estão conseguindo ter um crescimento mais rápido que o meu, o que é incrível, porque assim teremos muitos usuários fortes representando a comunidade e não apenas 6 ou 7 definindo a direção das recompensas.

Estou muito feliz com a repercussão da minha loteria gratuita de engajamento e o resultado que ela está trazendo para os usuários pequenos. Fiz uma postagem com as estatística da primeira semana, faltou muita informação ainda, mas espero conseguir trazer mais nas próximas semanas.

Essa comunidade mudou um pouco minha vida, e pelo que posso notar, vai mudar muito mais ainda. Vi postagem de pessoas conseguindo um celular melhor para interagir na plataforma, outras podendo trocar de carro. A minha meta de pagar minhas contas e viver do POB está acontecendo. Se você também tem uma, não desista, é possível sim acontecer.

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Nice story dear @vempromundo and I like the lottery initiative that you are running in the POB community. I was lucky to be a winner at times. cheers

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Proofofbrain has changed my life a lot. I am earning more here than anywhere. It is the best Crypto ever. 🧠 🚀 🌙

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Posts iguais a este tem que se tornar uma constante (especialmente aqui na comunidade POB, onde isso pode acontecer mais "facilmente") porque é muito bom ver as pessoas crescendo e alcançando seus objetivos.


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Cara, fico muito feliz por você e também agradeço por ter dado números para dar uma noção de onde se pode chegar! Eu tenho pago várias de minhas contas com o Pob mas ainda não dá pra dizer que ele banca tudo. Mas sim, também jamais imaginaria que isso seria possível da forma que está acontecendo, e eu espero que isso continue assim (e pra melhor ainda), tenho feito meu melhor para me dedicar na comunidade e também dar meu voto, que na brincadeira já vale praticamente uns 3,50 R$.
E espero que esse post sirva de motivação para a minha amada @malgarise, para a minha amiga @caroline.muller e para o sumido @gustavofreitas. E também para os bem-vindos e novatos: @piaabao e o @felipesherlock

Todos temos chances nesse sistema. É claro que não dá pra se iludir, o mundo da crypto é complexo e tem muitos poréns, muitos altos e baixos, mas se esse post não é um incentivo para postar todo dia, então não sei qual mais poderia ser!

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Obrigada por este pob, me deixou mais animada para continuar a escrever por aqui... É muito bom ler estes relatos.
Ainda estou me organizando e conhecendo melhor, tenho mais dificuldades nas interações, mas aos poucos estou melhorando; mas em pouco tempo de uso estou conseguindo quitar umas continhas.


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POB has been really good to you. Great to see a token transforms one's life in a matter of months.And to think the best is yet to come

Exciting times it has also been for me also within a month. Also got a phone change after the previous one got damaged.

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I am also happy that the platform has been of great help to you.
Nice one

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Yeah. Great to have know about the platform when I did. Really helpful and a life saver

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That's nice to hear

This is pretty rich @vempromundo.

My headspace has been pretty occupied with other things as of late (things I felt were more important to address), but you've just been quietly gliding along off the radar.

It blows my mind how narrow-minded some people become when greed and money start to become involved (even to the smallest degree). It's a real shame.

It doesn't take a professional detective to look into over the past week and see what kind of abuse is going on here under everyone's noses (well those who aren't paying attention).

Why on earth has nobody else been shouting this from the rooftops? Do you all look like this?

I personally take it as an insult that no one else values this platform for what it's set out to be and hasn't got the cojones to speak up.

@onealfa I don't play favourites, but there is only so much time in the day. Hope this gives some perspective.

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I will be moving everything to POB.

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Bacana ver os efeitos das criptomoedas nas vidas das pessoas, desejo que continuem acontecendo, seja onde for!!

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Hello @vempromundo! It's really nice to see how life can change. I understand you perfectly, the cryptocurrencies generated in conjunction with my work as a content creator have changed my life. I remember very well that in 2016 and early 2017 I didn't even have enough to eat, even less to dress. Really, a lot of things happened in my life that I couldn't fix, because I just didn't have money. After I met Steemit, then I worked with Steemhunt, then Hive and now POB; I can say that my life has changed for the better. Everything was a process of change, but positive. I do not know if they have been twists of luck or consequences of my daily work, or of my pleas. But everything looks better now. Believe me, it is not easy to admit my bad conditions of years ago, I could not buy a pair of shoes ... Instead, today I can pay for food, if I want to buy a pair of shoes, I plan and do it. I am not in a hole like I used to be (financially speaking). I feel happy and blessed. It is difficult for other people to see this if they have not experienced it. It is a feeling of tranquility, it is not thinking all night long that the next day you will not have to eat and you do not even know how you will say that to your son (in my case, I only had Carlos, my oldest son). Just a sad picture. At present, I have stacked POB, daily I dedicate myself to voting the publications that I like and I see great sense. I also extract coins if I need to cover main needs such as: food, medicine or any payment of the house fee. Today, for example, I made two movements: one was a withdrawal of $ 90, where $ 40 is for the payment of the monthly fee for the Internet service. The other 50 $ I will use to buy food and some supplies for my recipes (I write daily about cooking). The other movement was to stack POB coins, thus increasing my voting power, the stack was: $ 102. Perhaps for some it is little, but honestly for me it is an important amount. Sorry for the length of the comment! Keep up the good work, remember that everything is transparent!

I invite you to take a deep breath ... Be more positive and flexible, let's have peace.

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Do your thing, sell as much POB as you want it is your rewards to do with as you please. I think that it is awesome that you could live off of your rewards and feel that you have contributed a lot to this community and don’t have to explain yourself to nobody.

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Good for you. I'm glad you're doing well. It spells hope that I may also be able to profit from my interactions here.

Your post is upvoted and promoted, but not because of the content. I have promoted this post and will continue to do so, because of the engagement within it. It serves as a model example of how people should communicate. I would reblog this 1000 times if I could.

A problem in this tribe, honestly like any other, is communication. We're in different parts of the globe, time zones, and schedules. We coordinate with differing mindsets and objectives to reach synergy to a degree. Unless you're someone like @AMR, you can't just data mine information by thinking of it in your head. I would seriously consider making an AMR coin if he could actually do just that. My point is to say that he's really good at it, but I'm not.

If I could change one thing in the engagement is the accusation. If you accuse someone publicly of something, please explain and provide snapshots. We're all here to learn to some degree. Shadiness is like beauty and, unfortunately, something that will always be in the eye of the beholder.

@calumam and @vempromundo your conversation, as well as everyone else's, was epic and professional. We need to all learn from the tact here as much as we learned from the two of you now.

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Thank you for the words, in fact everything that was said here is of great importance for us to learn from.

The most important thing about all of this is that even if @calumam and I disagree or agree on points, we want the community to grow. People crossing the sea using an oar or an engine will reach their destination in the same way, even though they disagree on which method they will use.

And I hope whenever I'm failing at some point to be warned about it. And Calumam has always been willing to alert not only me, but any other user of the platform, and this is what I admire about it.

I see a good future for POB in 2021, everyone is looking for ways to make it grow, whether it's inviting new people, bringing investment, developing, producing content, and many more.

Each one is looking for a way, and I believe that we are better than in the past, and this I think is an important point, we may stumble, but if in the future we are better than in the past, the path will be at the right destination.

Since my post yesterday I have raised a white flag in this area, and I believe it will not be necessary to remove it.

The quest now is to spread positivity, and POB.

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I'm still a newbie in POB and I dont know how it work. Can you share how to get POB quickly?

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There are several ways, I'll recommend a few:

  • Create content

Create original posts through the proofofbrain front-end (ie, through the website) using the proofofbrain tag.
With that, people will have the opportunity to vote for your publication and with that you will receive rewards.

  • Engagement

User @amr008 has a project that rewards users who interacted the most during the day in the community. He developed an algorithm that detects everyone who commented during the week in publications. And it qualifies them according to the quantity and quality of the comments that the user made. Ranks the 50 most engaged accounts with the community and rewards them with one vote. If you are someone who interacts a lot with other users you will certainly have a good reward at the end of the day.

  • PobTalk

Every day on the @vempromundo.pob profile there is a new post for users to interact with each other and get to know each other. At the end of the day, 3 users among those who interacted in that publication are drawn and receive a reward. Check out today's post, you might like it, just click here

  • Contests

There are several contests you can participate in, each with its own rules, and the shortest duration for posts is PobDaily. Unlike PobTalk, which rewards comments from that post, PobDaily seeks to reward posts about your day, where you can tell about what happened. @marvinix can help you better with how awards work.

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