Why delegating HIVE power to @proofofbrainio should be encouraged

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So I observe that @proofofbrainio is like the POB community account which curates good quality contents and rewards good engagement and it has been doing a wonderful curating job and has made the engagements on this platform to become better, the person behind the account is doing a wonderful job...

I believe that if the @proofofbrainio account is able to Acquire more HIVE power it will really make alot of users on this platform to benefit more on this platform,it will also make the POB community to grow higher on the HIVE blockchain because it means that whenever the proofofbrainio upvotes contents on this platform,it will enable the users to also earn HIVE dollars and HIVE power too so that means the user will be able to earn the wonderful POB and still be able to earn the HIVE too...

That will also attract more users to this platform,and more users will lead to more staking and more staking will lead to higher growth of the POB and also the platform as a whole....

This is just my own personal opinion,tell me what you think??do you think is a good idea??

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Does it pay out POB also? I'd be keen to delegate 500 - 1000 Hive to it to help build the community