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Another week and a new word brings us @caluman, a word with multiple outrageous meanings, quite accurate for many current events and is that around us there are many outrageous cases, with scandalous sounds due to lack of morals, of understanding capacity.


And it is totally outrageous the world in which we live, within a bubble where we are managed in an atrocious way, without being able to have rights to a dignified education worldwide, to resources that belong to us for the simple fact of being human and being on this planet.

It is even more outrageous how many ignore this situation, simply passing from day to day without any reason to fight and gain ground, it would be extremely scandalous to see a united people, fighting against those masses that have acquired a power thanks to the work of all of us, because without our effort, without our capabilities, without our labor force, those masses could not be at that summit where they are today, managing the entire world in an atrocious way, financing crime, assassinations, drugs, manipulation of bills, trafficking of our infants and absurd movements that what they do is create a war between ourselves.


Why is our attitude more outrageous?

Because we can do a little of everything and instead of that we always fall into the same thing, because we still trust false people, that the only thing they do is deceive us by selling dreams that keep us immersed in false goals and false promises, always seeking to enrich themselves with the who believe in them, playing a dirty game of manipulation, where people sell themselves for a little or for crumbs and feel happy while those take over everything else that your eyes cannot yet see.

Our voices can be heard if we only wake up as a society, if we stop being scandalous only in our neighborhood and start making a real movement, where the opinion of a nation with hope for change is heard.

I dream of that day, even if it seems impossible, even if it seems difficult, we are millions of people, millions of voices, I dream of the day, that someone gets up and has the power to face those who believe that the world has won it, that Someone truly has the courage to help those in need without receiving praise or riches.


Here, a sports event of millions of fans that generates a lot of income for the pockets of the organizers is worth more than the lives of many people in a country where this virus is not yet controlled than who knows with what intention it came into our lives, hospitals. at full capacity, numbers showing no progress, closings amid scandals, but still business comes first. Absurd decisions, remove said event from one country due to the situation, but take it to another where the issue is even stronger.

Perhaps the above is not to the liking of many, because they will say that it is fine, but have you thought about what will happen next? In the situation in which that country will remain, what closures will it cause?
When there is a significant increase and again many lose their businesses, when everything collapses and there is nothing more to go back to the beginning? Will be worth?

Do you think so? seriously, do you think that makes sense? when many situations have not yet been resolved and the country remains at the peak of the problem? And let's not just talk about covid, but about many other situations that the country is going through and that we know worldwide, but they want to paint everything as if nothing was happening and everything is fine. The macabre plan to lay the bait and disturb the honeycomb, like this or clearer? They sought the weakness of many and thus create a great movement that will most likely generate uncertainty in the future and chaos at the national level. Think about it ...

We are not even sure if it is one more plan, to create chaos again and thus keep them confined for a while longer.

And I can continue with all the outrageous and scandalous that the world has become, as in my own country, so as not to go so far and that you think that I live in one where nothing happens, we are plunged into the abyss of corruption, more children escaping from shelters every day and this has me so outraged, it is as if nothing is happening, it is as if nobody cares, I am tired of so many dirty hands that have damaged humanity.
Outraged at all the trash the news shows us, at all the blame on us, when in reality their dirty plans are active around us.

I want to tell you, that we see this in everything, around us, people with power underestimating those who have less, people with wonderful capacities, but afraid of letting go of the giant that supports them with strings and keeps them chained to supposed benefits, that in the end they multiply for themselves, making you a commodity on their way.
Generations capable of creating, of growing, of being great, but they remain in line, waiting for the crumbs of those who control them to fall, just like a puppet.


This is my entry to the contest for this week and I know you will say that I am negative, but it is not that, it is just a feeling of indignation which inspires me to write many times and thus hope to find people who think and feel that need , that the world awakens, that our children grow up to be different, to make a change, to make a stronger society, more capable and with a view to a worthy future for each one.

Thank you for reading this far.

I wish you the best.

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Rightly said, we need people in the world who will be courageous to put an end to the harmful laws and actions taken by the society and community. The world is Truly suffering from many outrageous action

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For sure, the world is going crazy. If we think about all this all the time and be always serious about this, we may lose our minds. That's why we have to calm down our emotions and let only the brain think and draw conclusions !

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Great post, @sheila23.

I think people still haven't realized the strength of their own voices. The day this happens (for real), we will have a better and fairer world for everyone (even if it's not perfect). We can do this!

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In the world there must be everything, I guess it helps balance. Unfortunately for some of us we have the worst sides, but hey ... Beyond being outraged, we can contribute a little so that, at least in our close context, things improve a little. Little gestures have changed lives.

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