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So it is Sunday morning here and I've been reading through some posts this morning and the one that really stuck out for me (as I have been tagged in it) is the latest opinion piece from @calumam: Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me. Apart from the title being plagiarised from one of my favourite songs, there are some interesting points raised in the post.

In a nutshell, the post is questioning @onealfa's motive for accumulating a large stake of POB. There are questions raised about how @onealfa is using this stake and @calumam's intention to downvote posts that are not of a high quality.

I don't want to take anything away from the post or the authors efforts by breaking it down this simply, but I do want to use this to highlight some obvious similarities between POB and other PoB networks.

@Proofofbrainio Intentions for Blockchain

One of the initial aims of this token was to try and distribute wealth and tokens across a range os users. As is normal for any new token, early investors and adopters always benefit the most, and I am one of those. A couple of moves that @proofofbrainio made in the first few weeks of the token being used have set some of the current inequities of token distribution.

Initially there were some delegations given to specific people to spread the token wealth. Initially this seemed like a good idea, however, this handed some initial large stake to a few users.

A 1:1 HIVE:POB delegation was then offered to holders. This meant that you had to hold some HIVE and anyone with a large stake able to delegate were then able to gain a larger delegation of POB. This then shifted the power into the hands of those who could afford to hold and delegate HIVE, resulting in them able to grow a larger stake in POB in the early stages. Perhaps this was an unintentional consequence of @proofofbrainio, but it was a consequence of inequitable POB token distribution none the less.

Money buys Money

In any currency based system, money builds wealth. POB has a market, earners are willing to sell POB on the market and people can buy those tokens. Just like any other tribe, if you buy the stake it is yours and you can use how you like. The same goes for any other account, it is your stake and you can downvote or upvote whoever you like. Your actions might raise the ire of others and they can then use their stake how they like. Unfortunately, like it or not, if you have the funds and resources and there is a market, you can build and grow your stake faster than others. That is the system, like or leave it.

Delegation Use

My only concern with any of this is if any account has a delegation from @proofofbrainio and it is being used to downvote content or other users, then that delegation should be removed unless that was the specific intent of the delegation and that has been clear from the beginning.

I don't see any difference between POB and HIVE, STEEM, WEEDCASH, SPT, etc. with any of this. If the intent of this tribe and token was to build equity, then delegations should not have occurred for people, particularly early in the tokens life. And you can never have equity when there is a market for the sale and purchase of tokens.

I can see how POB is benefiting many people across the world with posts about income provision and iPhone purchases, etc. It is having an impact for many, but it is also an investment revenue for some.

Don't lose the sight of the fact that this is a growing, but fledgling community, and starting downvoting wars or accusing people of using their stake a certain way is only going to do more harm than good.

Thank you to @calumam for being brave and bringing some concerns to the table, but my core understanding is...... Use your stake How you see fit. If it is for an investment purpose @onealfa is not going to want to see POB die a horrible death.

Thanks for reading!

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One of the most sensible posts I've read here.

Your view is pretty much a lot like mine when it comes to the way you do with your earnings here.

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seconded! It really was and I manually curate and so even on some opposing types of opinions but it is your stake and choice and also outcomes. Some of us are here for tech or talent scouting or writing or earning etc.....
the whole point imho is that people come in and think they are "OWED" something

nobody in DPOS system is "owed" anything, people either like your work or not and I can uv opposing viewpoints and be just fine with that as if there is stagnation and everyone is just saying "yay" then growth seldom happens. ;)

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I really don't see any present investor that wishes the downfall of POB. However, while the token and community is at its early stage, many will definitely try to acquire more for themselves, that's all that's going on here.

I don't have a problem with that myself. If I had a way to earn 10× or even 100× I would be more that happy to.

So in a nut shell, we'd have to educate ourselves on the proper path to follow to make all this sustainable.

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and @calumam's intention to downvote posts that are not of a high quality.

Just to point this out, my downvote on @onealfa's comment was to get a reaction. To see if he would retalite like he did ith @phusionphil and to highlight how this kind of action is something to be cautious of from a large stakeholder (we see how this form of censorship is damaging on HIVE). The mention of @barder102's post played into this as well (although it wasn't known to me on Thursday when I made the draft).

Nice to read your point of view. Sharing our thoughts and creating healthy discussion is very important. Even better when we can separate our emotions from the situation and look at things rationally (emotion is good at times though, just depends on the emotion expressed).

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Your post has a very direct and clear point of view about this whole controversial moment that is happening right now in the POB community, @scooter77.

Great writing.

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Totally agree with your sentiments on this as why would an investor trash his investment as that would be super dumb. I could see an investor downvoting abuse but an account that has received delegation to spread the token downvoting is simply wrong.

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"Distribution" is such a slippery slope because no matter what you do within the context of a predominantly free system, you'll end up with (relatively speaking) paupers and princes. From there, it will likely follow that the "Princes" will exercise their power (real or perceived) to take whatever action ultimately protects and maximizes the value of their stake.

My experience has been that even the most idealistic among us are motivated by a sort of "narcissistic altruism," meaning that when they state that they take actions to support something/someone, the underlying motivation typically includes a good chunk of "...because that ultimately also benefits ME!" Drawing a bit on my experience working in the management of non-profit organizations, for that one.

Is it even possible to get everyone on the same page? Perhaps... but not the page most people think about. But the page most rational individuals share is that of "wanting a project to prosper and succeed." Unless, of course, you're just a psychopath with too much money in the bank...


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it's all DPOS, am not saying is great or not but that is the system
people who get here earlier and adopt earlier tend to have an easier time but maybe not depending on how they steward things imho

This was imho a very well written and presented post :)
cheers, You're a good egg, nom nom,

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This is bang on!

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More info why you see this.

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My only concern with any of this is if any account has a delegation from @proofofbrainio and it is being used to downvote content or other users, then that delegation should be removed unless that was the specific intent of the delegation and that has been clear from the beginning.

There was a promotion "delegated Hive Power to receive equal POB Delegation.

There was no terms and conditions, for me or any others.

I may down or upvote whoever I want, when I want, and the promotion is ending for everyone at the same time, or I will dump and start manipulating the market if that's the games we are playing.

1 upsmanship can take many forms, and I would make sure you have your money where your mouth is and invest in enough POB and Hive to counter any downvotes you are worried about.