Embodiment Tools, Internal Blocks and Mindset - Invitation To A Free Webinar For Female Entrepreneurs

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Hey, ladies and gentlemen!

You don't know me that well and there will be things I will be disclosing here in Hive about me in the articles that I am writing.
One of these things is the fact that I’m committed to nurturing and promoting female talent, and I see the unique challenges that many people face in following their dreams and fulfilling their purpose.

I’ve asked my good friend and colleague, Erika Chalkley, to teach from her own experience of female entrepreneurship, as she’s been on quite a journey over the last few years, and I know she can help others.



Whatever stage of the journey you’re at, from a small seed of an idea to a successful business you’d love to grow, this webinar could be hugely beneficial.

Erika’s FREE, 90 min session will take place on Friday 7th May 6pm – 7:30pm [UK time]. During her 90 min session, Erika will share with you how she uses embodiment tools to overcome internal blocks to her success and how doing this can help you live your wildest, most daring life for the benefit of the world.

Your Zoom link for the event:


Meeting ID: 879 7456 6948

Passcode: support

😍 This session is for you if you’re someone who...

  • Wants to turn your passion into a career

  • Is a procrastinator or a perfectionist

  • Has huge fears that get in your way

  • Wants to live your life’s purpose but feel stuck

  • Suffers from imposter syndrome

  • Never feels like you’re good enough or qualified enough

  • Has just trained in something and unsure how to move forward with it

👀 Gentlemen, if you wife, sister, friend, daughter or even mother wants to be a solopreneur, entrepreneur, digipreneur, feel free to recommend this to her.

I hope you’ll join her in empowering yourself.


All the best from @regenerette


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From your personal experience @regenerette does predictions and foreseeing The outcome of something hoping to be fulfilled in some unrealistic way by imaginative thought, sabottages The actual thing From happening?
I don't know if you can relate to that by any means. Or does have any explanation

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Ah, good question!

One of my old best friends tends to have this mindset and it seems that she is stuck to it.

I do believe that envisioning and wishing for something to happen is helping our mindset and the structure and passion for our decision-making. I am an NLP coach, BUT I know how manifestation works. It it is not related only to foreseeing or making your own prediction. It works if you live on the energy of those thoughts, mainly. Imaginative thoughts, predictions, foreseeing will not stop something from happening. Only our limited mindset driven by fear will stop things from happening. We act according to what we believe.

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yes dear! fear and anger that's what the ego feeds upon.
interesting facts on NLP, I've read a book called "the real mind control". it was my first encounter with NLP and found it fascinating.
I used to associate the russian mafia song "mama ima a criminal" with the courage anchor. then, i believed in the power of that science.

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Hack that ego!
Unleash yourself ;)

NLP is like any other tool. You can use it ethically and help others or manipulative and smash mindsets...like hammer. Since metaphors are allowed in POB, let's have some fun.

I'll look for that song when I take a break to see the climax of the anchoring point. hihi, really I am a curious cat and will look for it!

Pseudo-science that is nothing without practice, that is NLP

Tomorrow I start my POB curation. Write to me if you have a good article you want me to curate for you.

Hugs and thank you so much for today's wonderful enagegement!

It's so good to find people like you!

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Hugs! and thank you as well for the brilliant topics you generate @regenerette
I feel the most expressive self when commenting on your post. it's like what ever you share makes sense to me and have something to say about.

wait up for my upcoming posts. it's going to be

LEGEND...wait for it... DARY !

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I'm a curious cat!
Tag me to make sure I see them or write to me here or on Twitter.

Sometimes I do several things. Start one, then after finishing it go to another and I don't want to skip your content.

I am happy my articles have value to you and to others.


I look forward to your ideas!

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