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Hey folks!

Ah yeah, I just sitting in my room thinking and contemplating the idea of making a post on POB. After I sat in my room for almost an hour I also haven't found the idea to make a post on the pob, but a few moments later my brain popped out some ideas to make a post on the pob, namely ideas for the pob platform.

Btw does the pob platform need ideas from the users?

If I think the pob project would be very happy if you have any ideas for you to share with them to make pob better. And not only pob, all projects on blockchain are in dire need of ideas, suggestions from users or the community. Although sometimes the ideas you share with them can't be fixed in their project, yeah maybe because your idea is too difficult for them to work on in their project or something else. But I'm sure they really appreciate the ideas, suggestions you share with them.

So you don't hesitate if you have ideas for you to share for the pob project, because they will definitely appreciate your idea or maybe give you a reward. Nah! I'm sure when you read the word "reward" then you will try to find ideas to share with the pob the reward is not too important the most important thing is when we give ideas, POB will be better in the future. And when pob becomes a good platform in the future, then everyone will also benefit.

Btw I'm not a programmer, I'm just a meme creator who wants to be a bit like a programmer by providing ideas for maybe the ideas that I share here have also been planned by the devs on the POB platform in the future. But maybe if I think it's not a problem with me giving this idea again, I made this post just to remind the devs or the pob platform team, because I believe they think too much which makes their brain energy decrease and when their brain energy decreases then their memory will also be slightly

Sometimes writing too long can also give me a let's take a look at the stupid idea I wanted to share for the pob platform.

  • Notifications


Are notifications important in pob?

I think notifications are important on the pob platform, because we can directly see who upvotes, replies, mentions, follows, reblogs on the pob platform without having to go to hive blogs, peakd or leofinance.

Yeah maybe it doesn't really matter to some people, but I'm sure some people also want the notifications function in the pob.

  • Reputation scores

Yeah for the rep scores function I've talked to @pob on discord before, but I can't say for sure if it will be there in pob. But I hope those rep scores will be added in the pob platform to make the pob design more beautiful.

And yeah we can also know when we want to read a post when we see a rep score below -30 we can imagine that they are plagiarists who get downvotes on other

  • Building community

Is community function important on the POB platform?

I think this is also important, because we can directly subscribe community that we like on the POB platform, and can build a community on the POB platform. So when we want to write something in a community, we can just go to that community and press "Post".

  • Market

For this market function I can't say that it's important, because I've never seen this function on other platforms. But yeah if pob adds a market function this might make the design of the pob platform different from other it will make it easier for us to go to the market without having we to go to

Yeah maybe that's a stupid idea that I can share here. I can't write long posts, because I'm just a meme maker who can only write a few words in memes and my brain only popped out with a few ideas in one well as making posts my brain only popped out with a few ideas in one days to make

I wrote this Idea not to force pob platform to add all that in pob. But it's an idea and suggestion, everyone who likes a platform they can give an idea for that platform. If they can't use your idea on their platform. You have to share other ideas for you to share on that at least you have provided an idea for that platform, and they definitely appreciate your idea.

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Btw does the pob platform need ideas from the users?

Yes, yes, yes. We are where we are right now because of the users and their input.

Nice job with the #pob-discussions tag, lots of good stuff in there ;)

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Ah yep, that's the power of the user or community. But users also need pob, because without pob they wouldn't be users. And pob need users, because without users there wouldn't be a pob like

Yeah sure, and my brain often goes to the #pob-discussions tag I find a lot of interesting discussions about pob there.

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@leprechaun is currently working on an Ecency-like front-end for proofofbrain and I believe most of this ideas will be provided there.

You can hop over to his blog to see the process.

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Ah damn I've never read his post about it. Thanks dude for telling me, I'll try to check his post

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Really nice ideas to make the platform even better. Especially I like the notifications part, reputation and communities will be awesome as well. I'll be among the first who create a community in POB for my @dcooperation community !

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Ah yep dude, I like what you like in pob too. And I will also try to create a meme community in pob

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Nice idea

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