Why POB is worth more than Hive

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Now don't go getting upset at my title because I can assure you I am also convinced that Hive is undervalued as well, but let me show you why POB should be worth at least 4x what Hive is worth. Not only that it is the tokenized concept of a Community Reward Token as described in the Blue Paper, or that this community will be filled with the most consistently well thought out content and ideas that are worth sharing.

These reasons and more are why I know that Proof Of Brain as composed by creative content creators, curated by the entire Hive community, and supported by users dedicated to the concept of rewarding 'Human Meaningful' efforts.

Proof of Brain: Smart and Social Tokens : Token systems that reward users as they contribute to a token-based community system require mechanisms for establishing and evaluating content’s social value: we call this “Proof-of-Brain.”

In fact every community token will demonstrate these principles, but POB should be an example above the rest. When you vote on a POB post, you are genuinely giving your tip of the hat, in POB and in HIVE, to the human author of that post. And it is essential that we all understand this next point.

Why I believe that POB is worth MORE than Hive, is because of this one essential factor related to the distribution of the token.

Working off the tokenomics shown on the ProofOfBrain.io front page, as well as the data from HiveBlocks, I constructed these two pie charts to show you something important. POB is 91.8% staked, and almost its entire supply is held by Hive users. There is no POB on other exchanges either, just POB held by Hivvers.

A closer look at who is in control of POB does reveal a handful of users who are staking right now. Assuming that @proofofbrain is HODLing, and other large stakers are also sticking around for a while, then we should be confident in the token.

As a community we can decide how to make this work, and by offering proposals even just in the form of posts, can offer solutions and ideas for others to consider. With the POB token we can show others how much we value their efforts. The more value we place on this token, the more value it will have in the long term.

Someone who is new to Hive might also benefit by reading and curating on the proof of brain front end because it will push them to think more. The value of the POB token reflects the value users see in this idea we all share.

Rather than falling to the petty politics of vote wars and describing all the things that already been rehashed again and again, I hope we can break new ground and compose the best content here for the future of Hive. If we hold Hive to a standard at all, lets make sure POB is the pinnacle of this concept.

When I was in high school I imagined that sometime in the future there would be a way to sort through all the best ideas, and my friends this is that time. I figured we could get a bunch of people together and sort of sift through all the ideas until we had a handful of the best. Then we could really get to learning, the best things.

So here I propose this to POB: Can ProofOfBrain be the beginning of truly cataloging the BEST ideas for the world? And can we spread the world that POB is staking for the long term? Will you in VEST in Human Meaningful work? In an increasingly automated world, creative human minds are truly more valuable than ever.

VOTE 100% On This Post

If you want to keep POB above 91% staked!

REBLOG if you want POB to be worth 4 HIVE.
You can earn POB for posting great ideas!
Honest tokens for honest efforts.
And this is how it should be.

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Basically everything on Hive is Under valued, maybe we look to see a change later on...

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We can wish for $0.10 Hive but I feel those days are gone. I am glad for where it is now, and think that everything on Hive has potential, but it really is what we make of it.

These chips will reach the heights quickly .. Many people are committing, there is still more to come here ...

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This is only the beginning and so staking for the long term is very important imo.
I hope that you choose to power up your POB rewards this year!

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Rather than falling to the petty politics of vote wars and describing all the things that already been rehashed again and again, I hope we can break new ground and compose the best content here for the future of Hive.

Wouldn't that be great?! 😁

I've staked all my tokens from Day 1 and will continue to do so.

Do you know how the voting works? Is it an easy to understand linear approach like LeoFinance or is it complicated and time important like Hive?

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Just checked the recent payout and it seems 7 days is when pob gets sent

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Upvoted and reblogged

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Thank you! !BEER


You welcome

Hey @regenerette, here is a little bit of BEER from @hivecoffee for you. Enjoy it!

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A week later I am concerned users don't understand what I am suggesting about POB being worth more than Hive. Will this be a failed experiment? Is it going to be possible to place MORE value in a concept, than in money?

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Understandable, it is possible that the bold text and the way it was dropped onto the end of the post made me see it in a different light. There is something about the phrase "VOTE 100% On This Post" that will always be jarring to me.

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How many times have you read the phrase "Download Netscape Now!" I did eventually upgrade from Mosaic.

If Netscape ran Hive.blog instead of the old http www,
the internet boom would have been much different.
That is where I believe we are now.

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That is good feedback. 100% votes maximize the voting mechanism, and if you have less than 500 staked you should always vote 100% in my own experience. If the function has changed then someone please inform me, but I suggest users power-up to at least 101 as soon as possible so you can gain curating rewards.

I hope we can break new ground and compose the best content here for the future of Hive. If we hold Hive to a standard at all, lets make sure POB is the pinnacle of this concept.

I'm with you there. If this is going to be the case, people are going to have to be prepared for some constructive criticism.

Here is mine;

I read through your whole post and appreciated the points you brought up, the data you shared, and your opinions. Then you finished the post with this;

VOTE 100% On This Post
If you want to keep POB above 91% staked!

REBLOG if you want POB to be worth 4 HIVE.
You can earn POB for posting great ideas!

Maybe I'm way off in my assumptions here, but in general, people don't like to be told what to do.

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That final hurrah is a call to action, two which will help this post reach more people. Your vote helps it trend higher, and your reblog helps it reach a wider audience. If you don't want to, or if you don't agree, no one is forcing you to. I didn't really think of it as a command, more of a suggestion to those who might read this but may not know they have those options. There are lots of new users on here recently. I appreciate the feedback!

My brain hurts when I try to understand the economics of the various tokens. You can spend all your time juggling them and trying to get your posts on whichever works out best. I'll just keep posting for fun.


I agree! It is lots of fun, and I am exploring these options we have now. I am discovering amazing content in the communities I have been looking at. You will see me exploring a number of front ends this year, but with all the BTC price action lately, seeing POB rise 33% is a signal we currently have a winner here. If we try to understand why it is going so well and continue to reinforce the behaviors that are beneficial, then it is good for everyone who participates. I am being more selective with my votes these days, curating truly good content, less voting for rewards and more voting to reward others, finding quality content and engaging with users more directly with comments. No matter what front end you use, make sure you have fun doing it!

My voting is mainly to reward others. There's so much deserving stuff that makes little. It has to be fun for me to keep coming back.



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"reinforce the behaviors that are beneficial' - excellent said!

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@hivecoffee! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @steevc.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza

What about standards of self-voting?

That is another discussion altogether, but as @smooth suggested, if you don't think your content is good enough to vote for, you shouldn't post it. I think that our voting behaviors should be malleable, and subject to change. I have been playing with all sorts of payout options lately, from burning rewards, donating them to the Hive Fund, declining rewards or not self upvoting at times. In this thread I am upvoting comments!

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Not low effort comments like this one, right?

You seem to be implying something but want me to guess? If you don't feel that your comments are worth my time, should I not reply? Do you not want me to not vote for your comments? I am here asking questions, and making suggestions.

I'm just having fun. I have been reading every post in the POB community and its getting harder and harder to do it all. So I was clowning 🤡

All good I appreciate the clarification. I am more than willing to give my votes directly to users who participate in discussions on my post, and I don't want to hold the trophy so high over everyone's head. (We can do that with the price.) I want to use my HP and my staked tokens to reward users who are curating and creating great content, and doing things that support the community. If you leave me great comments, I will definitely vote on it. If there are 16 replies I might only choose the best comments. I appreciate the opportunity to talk about these things, communication opens the doors to understanding.

I think this comment voting is contagious. 🤔

We have to give the witnesses something to do!
#blocks on #blocks on #blocks

Pob is a great initiative and I'm surprised at its uptake and how well it is doing. I have 1000 POB and continue to grow and stake. I have some delegated out to brofi to increase curation to people.

Here's to a wonderful token

Are you making good APR with Brofi?

I'm just about to write an intro post for the POB community. I think that I am very open to seeing new topics/communities on Hive and the tokenomics look great (though I am no expert)

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If we hold Hive to a standard at all

This has been voted as the funniest 9 consecutive words posted in hive, in the last 30 days!

Do you feel there are no standards? We can all vote for what we think is worth it. Our behavior will be determined by our philosophy, and I hope that by now those of us who have found ourselves here on POB understand the value of staking, and curating.

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Do you feel there are no standards?

Yes, very low ones.

We can all vote for what we think is worth it.

..So can a group of 5 year olds, choosing sweets or a salad for food - consensus of opinion doesn't make it the intelligent choice. (DPOS is fundamentally flawed for merit based economies)

Our behavior will be determined by our philosophy

If the philosophy is social ingratiation, (the midwits forte), then standard will reduce.
Expediency IS the philosophy of social approval. (ie no actual philosophical perspective)

and I hope that by now those of us who have found ourselves here on POB understand the value of staking, and curating.

Hopium is never a strategy.
It all depends what you want.
Without integrity - POB can only ever be another hive....And there's bugger all evidence of that right now.

With your stake I hope you are able to reward users who bring value to you and your experience! I have high standards for POB because of my views on how important it is to the core philosophy of what we are doing here. I suspect anyone who has low standards, has not read More Equal Animals by Dan Larimer. One big idea is that we are experimenting here with decentralized consensus mechanisms that will help us to renegotiate our social contracts. This is essentially an exercise in true democracy. The will of the community will prevail, but I believe POB has a good chance of standing for something, if we will simply stand for Proof Of Brain.

Crab bucket mentality and positive feedback loops are destined for a race to the bottom.(and winner take's all for the odd few).

True democracy is an abstract concept. A catch all , sexy, in vogue, one liner, that doesn't actually describe anything.
Democracy is sham - and with without any meritocracy to boot (non existent in a DPOS ecosystem), is a fools errand.

Maybe this time it's different - but I'd bet that the last 5000 year - actual evidence in the governance in societies, and commerce - speaks volumes about natural systems, and how natures evolutionary processes work - rather than Larimer's Utopian visions.

In my opinion.

It doesn't matter who votes but who counts the vote. Just ask today's uncle Joe.

Seeing hive tokenomics for the first time is so discouraging. I am sure I’ll like to see POB at 4 hive.

Together we can all grow and make the POB community a better place than hive was

Without stewardship, the chances of it NOT being another hive are about the sames as there is of Nigeria being the next US state of America.

Don't be too discouraged, that chart is incomplete and doesn't account for things like swap.Hive . Having Hive on exchanges does make it more available to new adopters, but we should not under sell ourselves. Hive could easily be a $10 coin, and POB should be 4x it.

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Okay I get the idea now.

I am sure the coming years will be an interesting one in the crypto verse

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Pob damping hard again!

Looks like HIVE is actually worth more than POB right now! Haha!
Damp Eeet (POB)! Looks like u need to check that math, last I checked POP 44 cents, HIVE 59 - 60 cents! So As of Now POB is not worth more than HIVE - Flaged!

Nice try though!

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 4.50.29 PM.png


Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 4.49.39 PM.png

This is what happens when people sell.
Price goes down, I buy more ;)
Last was still 1.0017 HIVE.

Yeah, I'm waiting for a little bit lower, I bought some, but I'm trading it now. The community already turned on me, I don't like it anymore.

You flagged this post because it went lower? LOL

@coininstant: -0.009

This is my case for why POB is worth more, and since I posted this it did trade from under 1 Hive to over 1 Hive. You downvoted this because you saw the price fall?